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Roker Rapport Podcast: The Morecambe 0-1 Sunderland AFC Review - Bring on The Owls!

Gav was joined last night by our Chris Wynn and Phil West as they reacted to the end of the EFL League One 21/22 season, and what it all means for Sunderland as we face Sheffield Wednesday in the Play-Off Semi Finals!

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What's the crack?

  • So here we are lads and lasses - Sunderland are going to face Sheffield Wednesday over two legs, to see who can get to Wembley to face either Milton Keynes or Wycombe Wanderers.
  • How are the lads feeling about Alex Neil’s more.. methodical.. approach to matches - particularly the match everyone watched on Saturday?
  • Will this ‘by any means necessary’ attitude serve us well in the coming matches?
  • BROADY LAD - He’s there again but it looks like he’s taken a knock, and as of recording we have no idea as to whether he’ll be fit or not this Friday so... what exactly do we do without him if this is the case?
  • Ross Stewart took a knock on Saturday also, although that looked marginally less worrying than Broadhead’s - does nothing for the nerves does it?
  • Which players stand out as being the most important/influential as we look to the Play-off Semis - there’s a certain Aiden McGeady on the horizon but would Alex Neil want to be using him this late on? Is there time for one last step over?
  • Looking at the midfield - do the lads see the concern over Dan Neil not being selected? Does Embleton fit back there, and how well is Corry Evans performing the task he’s been given by the gaffer?
  • The lads try to work out if they’re confident or not, and... did you know our Chris was on Sky the other day? We had no idea.
  • All this and more! Once more unto the breach and all the rest! Hawaaaaay the lads!

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