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Charlton Athletic v Sunderland - Sky Bet League One Play-off - Final - Wembley Stadium

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A Calling

Photo by Tim Goode/PA Images via Getty Images

Can you hear them?

The shipbuilder’s hammer

The picks upon the seams

Drifting up from glories past

Still harbouring foretold dreams

The whispering of legends

Still bleeding red n white

The time is here, the time is now

Time to put things right!

The Roker Roar still lingers

Carried upon the crowd

Battered & bruised, but always

Steadfast, loud & proud!

Wembley holds no fear

Just ask Papa John!

We’ll turn it into our home

And roar our heroes on!

This team has shown us metal

We won’t lie down & die!

They’ll fight until the grains of time

Have ran the hourglass dry

O Niens driving force

Gooch’s heart & soul

Ross’s movement off the ball

Will, surely, bring us goals!

Pritchard’s golden passes

Robert’s silky skill

The mazy runs of Clark

Breaking Wycombe’s will

Pattinson’s fingertip saves

Evans midfield grit

Bailey Wright, a man reborn

This aussie takes no shit!

Cirkin, Batth & Doyle

Solid as they come

Alex Neil moulding them

To the beat of his own drum

Matete,Embleton & Neil

All, the real deal

Broadhead’s tenacious skill

Scoring goals at will!

So, come on!

Can you hear them?

Ashurst, Clough & Hurley

Shackleton, Monty, & Kerr

O Captain! Of My Captains:

Raich Carter is forever there.

Phillips & Quinn

Henderson & Ball

Are all part of this rallying call

So, do not go gently

into the night

You are the team to put things right!

Whatever happens lads

Be proud you gave your all

If you get us back where we belong

In our history you’ll all stand TALL!

Stephen W Atkinson 2022


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