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Roker Rapport Podcast: Exclusive Interview with Wembley winner Max Power!!!

Our countdown to the 21/22 Playoff Final continues, and who better to speak to than the third man to lift silverware at Wembley for the Lads - the man whose name you’d love to touch - ex-Sunderland captain and newly promoted Wigan midfielder Max Power?

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What’s the crack?

  • Max Power is one of only three men in our history to lead Sunderland to victory at Wembley - how does he feel knowing that?
  • Things have gone well at Wigan for our former Captain - is he enjoying his time off before next year’s Championship campaign?
  • How is former SAFC Striker ‘Big F**k’ Charlie Wyke doing now, and how difficult was it for Max watching that unfold? Is Charlie in good spirits?
  • Max gives us his view as he looks back over his time at the Stadium of Light - does he have any regrets? What does he think went wrong for the club in his first season here in particular?
  • What has he made of our 21/22 season? How close does he think it got in the end?
  • Max gives his thoughts on Sunderland’s coming League One Play-off Final this Saturday - does he think the Lads have what it takes to overcome Wycombe?
  • What can he tell us about the experience of playing at Wembley - not just once for Sunderland - but three times?
  • How draining is it physically and mentally, and how gutted was he that the one time we got the win he wasn’t able to share the moments with the Sunlun fans?
  • What message does he want to send the fans themselves, and will he be watching?
  • All this and a massive thank you to Max for taking the time out to speak to us!


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