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Roker Rapport Podcast: Alex Neil & SAFC - The Road to Wembley with ITV’s Simon O’Rourke!

Not long to go now - our Chris Wynn was joined over the weekend by our old friend - ITV’s Simon O’Rourke - as he rounds off his 21/22 RR trilogy by looking over the job Alex Neil has done to get us to Wembley, ahead to the party before the final at Trafalgar, and gives his opinion on our chances of promotion from League One on Saturday!

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What’s the crack?

  • Been a crazy season at the Stadium of Light hasn’t it? How is Simon feeling ahead of a busy week?
  • What has he made of Alex Neil’s efforts to get the lads focused on the task at hand - promotion from this division;
  • #TilTheEnd - Has Alex Neil given the lads some much needed steel since arrival? They don’t give up easy do they...
  • How vital is it for everyone - including Kyril Louis-Dreyfus - that we get out of this league now?
  • Which players have stood out over the past few months, and particularly over the two legs against Sheffield Wednesday;
  • What does Simon make of Wycombe - including his take on their Chairman’s interesting efforts to sell tickets via weird cringey statements about... Netflix clubs? Aye.
  • Battle of the shithouses - who does Simon thinks comes out on top between Ainsworth and Neil?
  • Is Alex Neil’s attitude toward the media and pressers just as no-nonsense as we’ve seen from afar?
  • So... Will Simon and the ITV cameras be travelling down this week? Is he looking forward to it?
  • All this and more! Ha’way the Lads!


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