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Roker Rapport Reaction: Wear going back to Wembley - Sheffield Wednesday 1-1 Sunderland!

Gav, Chris and Phil got together yesterday after a night of celebration (followed by a day of trying to sort tickets) to react to Sunderland’s victory in the dying minutes of the second leg of the League One Play-off Semis down Hillsborough! Aye. 

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What’s the crack?

  • The lads try and work out how they feel after the late drama of Monday night;
  • How do they rate that performance from the Lads? How proud are they of the players?
  • ‘Alex Neil has balls of steel’ - he stuck with his selection when most wouldn’t have done, and it paid off...
  • The rush for tickets for the final is always a laugh - had any random DMs lately?
  • How confident do we feel ahead of Wembley (we’ll go into this in further detail over the coming days) but does this feel like it’s time to finally leave League One? Does Alex Neil look like the man who can get the job done?
  • Warrior spirit - It’s all we ever want isn’t it? Players battered and bruised, covered in mud and blood...
  • Do we now have the edge - the ability to grind results - and the players to take us up to the promised land of the Championship?
  • How mental are the next ten days going to get, and is Trafalgar Square ready to be red and white once again?


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