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Fan Letters: “Why is everyone w*nking themselves silly over Stewart getting a call-up?”

RR reader Graham isn’t overly happy with Ross Stewart’s call-up to the Scotland squad!

Dear Roker Report,

I was delighted to read that Ross Stewart has had his form for us recognised by Scotland. He has been a great signing and a real revelation on the field this year.

He seems to be a good person with a great attitude, having fought his way up from Scottish junior football obscurity.

Although the outcome of this season is still very much up in the air, I think that the club has made progress in terms of the way that we recruit. I think that we have picked out some fine individuals, even though sometimes the overall strategy and squad makeup has been questionable at times.

Even though we have not hit the heights that we had all hoped for this season (my secret target for this year was 100 points and 100 goals and we are going to fall some way short of that), we have moved on from my point of view in that we finally have some players that I like and can identify with.

It’s the first time in a long time that I would shed a tear if some of our players left the club after a long period of indifference. In Stewart, Neil, Embleton, Cirkin, Winchester, O’Nien and a couple of others that are nearly in this category, we finally have some fine players who are giving us a positive identity.

Let’s hope that we see them dancing on the Wembley turf in May.

Yours faithfully,

Pork Shank

Ed’s Note [Martin]: Thanks for the email Pork Shank – I agree, we’ve brought in a lot of players who can progress and get better, hopefully with us. Selfishly, I’d have preferred Stewart not to get called up. Not only does it present the chance of injury, but it raises his profile, too. The downside of recruiting players with good potential is that, if we don’t go up, there’ll be plenty of other clubs sniffing around them.

Lincoln City v Sunderland - Sky Bet League One
Ross Stewart’s Scotland call up has caused some mixed feelings!
Photo by Ian Horrocks/Sunderland AFC via Getty Images

Dear Roker Report,

Well, I have nothing to do til we play Gillingham.

What do people who don’t like football do on weekends?!

Asking for a mate.

Tom in Sherburn Village

Ed’s Note [Martin]: As someone who lives overseas and gets up at 2am each week to watch games, I know what I’ll be doing Tom. Sleeping!

Dear Roker Report,

Why is everyone w*nking themselves silly over Stewart getting a call-up? What if he gets injured? That’s our season well and truly over if he does. I hate any of our players getting call-ups and yes it’s selfish but who really cares about Scotland or Northern Ireland?

Let’s just pray he doesn’t play and comes back in one piece. The plastic crappy pitches up there aren’t good on the old knees...

Graham Fathersham

Ed’s Note [Martin]: I remember David Kelly getting called up for Ireland a few weeks after signing for us, and suffering an injury that ruled him out for the rest of the season. To be honest, I’d rather none of our players were called up at this stage of the season particularly – it just adds more tiredness at best – but on the positive side, for Stewart at least it shows he can achieve his international ambitions with SAFC in League One I guess.


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