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Sunderland v Crewe Alexandra - Sky Bet League One

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Will you be renewing your Sunderland season card?

As the season card renewals are about to hit letterboxes, we ask whether anyone’s reconsidering their season card status...

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Where do you stand with regards to renewing your season card for next season? Can you stomach another year of League One football? Do planned price increases influence whether you want to go back again next season or not? Or, are you like many fans, in that it simply doesn’t matter – you’ll be there no matter what?

Andrew Smithson says...

I cannot envisage many sets of realistic circumstances where I wouldn’t renew, to be honest. There are thousands more that are the same and it probably means that some people within the club take certain things for granted, but I’ve never liked the idea of not being at the game and I cannot see that ever-changing. What’s more, I have never been convinced that staying away would do anything other than negatively impact the 11 players on the pitch, so while I have no problem with other people that choose to do so it wouldn’t be for me.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not particularly enjoying being in League One and if prices increase too much I’d have to cut back in other areas, but I go to watch Sunderland, not the opposition, and seeing the Lads scratches an itch like no other pastime I’ve ever known.

Some of the career and personal choices I have made at certain points in my life were based primarily on me being able to continue attending matches. It may not make sense to some people, and it certainly doesn’t mean I am a ‘better’ fan than those with different circumstances, but being a season card holder continues to be a big part of who I am.

I got my first season ticket as a school kid in 1995 - since then I’ve been to college and worked in several industries, have moved house a couple of times and now have my own family. Fortunes on the pitch during that time have fluctuated wildly in that time too, and yet I’ve still come back for more. 2022-23 will no doubt be the same...

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Andrew’s had a season ticket since Benno was a regular
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Michael Dunne says...

I got a season ticket for the first time in six years last year. I’d missed being able to attend games due to the pandemic, and I had a longing to get back to matches and see friends.

Getting a season ticket is certainly based on the ability to afford it. Although travelling from Ireland, I would say it worked out better value having one as I made the majority of home games.

I would question the benefits of having a season ticket though – there’s no exclusivity to having one or extra benefits that other clubs certainly provide.

Getting away tickets is still quite difficult even if you have season tickets, and while I acknowledge the loyalty points that the club have in place, I do feel more could be done to help season ticket holders.

Other than that, what do you get as a season ticket holder? Absolutely nothing from my perspective. I do not need the club to lavish me with praise for having a season ticket but I do believe they could do more to express their appreciation for a fanbase that has encountered and put up with consistent mediocrity on and off the pitch.

Nothing spells mediocre better than the plain white plastic card that many fans were given this season as their season card. The club insisted that the ‘real ones’ would be released during the season but as we are halfway through March, I have yet to hear from the club.

It may seem like a small issue but it does stink of an amateur club.

Things like that won’t decide whether I get a season ticket next season, but it seems to be an area in which the club are really lagging behind others.

Overall, if I can see an improvement in the club's fortunes and have a team that I’m proud of, I will buy a season ticket. It remains early in Alex Neil’s reign so it remains to be seen.

Sunderland v Sheffield Wednesday - Sky Bet League One - Stadium of Light
Mike got a season card after missing going to the game through the pandemic - but questions the benefits of having one
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Tom Albrighton says...

Personal circumstances dictate my decision regarding next season’s tickets before anything is even announced, so it’s hard for me to say definitively one way or another as to what matters and what doesn’t.

With that being said if my circumstances were different I would be struggling to be enthused by paying an increased charge for League One football during the middle of a cost of living crisis. For my money, the increase in costs and a continual decrease in quality is a straw that will break the camel’s back for many. Any increases will likely turn people away and indicate to many that their support is simply taken for granted.

Given the fanatical support and our wide supporter base, it’s a shame the club haven’t looked go more inventive solutions to maintain a large season ticket-holding while not financially burdening fans during a time when peoples bills are likely to soar, with prominent examples such as Wycombes subscription service catching the eye.

Ultimately my decision on this was made many moons ago but if it wasn’t, the reasons for my potential renewal would be centered more around the social aspect of a match day rather than the boredom-ball currently being served up in the third tier of English football.

All in all, many fans who don’t renew will have their reasons be it financial or otherwise and given the club’s current predicament both on and off the field, I don’t think anyone can be blamed for relieving themselves from such a financial and emotional burden be it temporary or permanent.


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