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Wigan Athletic v Sunderland

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Fan Letters: ‘There’s only one candidate... Mick McCarthy!’ says RR reader Mark

The managerial situation at SAFC continues to dominate the mailbag. Let us know your thoughts! Email:!

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Dear Roker Report,

If we’re going to get promoted this season we’re going to have to sort the defence out asap. If we stop conceding goals, promotion is realistic. I believe there’s one candidate that can achieve this and it’s Mick McCarthy. Yes I know it’ll not be a long term appointment but with only 19 games left he has a proven record in organisation and with the lift of a new coach and JD this may be enough to get us over the line.

Last thing, how about offering Danny Rose a short therm deal as he’s a free agent after leaving Watford?

Mark Pearson

Ed’s Note [Martin]: Thanks for the email Mark. There are a number of candidates I’d prefer ahead of McCarthy, but having said I think you’re right - it will be a short term appointment focused solely on achieving promotion. After that, who knows! As for Danny Rose, I think he’s a shadow of the player we had the pleasure of watching. I saw a couple of Watford games and he looked unfit and disinterested. If he can’t get himself right for PL football, there’s little chance of it happening for a League One team.

Sunderland v Bolton Wanderers
Only one man for the job?!
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Dear Roker Report,

Johnson was given a lot of time in the role.

He’s not supposed to be an academy coach but acts like one. His handling of Chris Maguire was appalling. That guy coming off the bench could easily have got us promotion last year. Not wanting Defoe back a similar story

We now need a long term appointment of a young manager that’s got style and successes.

I like the sound of the Aussie.

Another one to consider would be Nigel Clough. His record at the clubs he’s managed is stellar and with his local connections would turbocharge the club if he can work with Speakman

Onwards and upward.

Geoff Beatham

Ed’s Note [Martin]: We’ll agree to disagree, Geoff, as I would have preferred to stick with Johnson until the end of the season. Sacking him now means the board is focused on one thing only - achieving promotion this season. To me, that doesn’t tally with bringing in a young manager for the long term. If he doesn’t get us promoted, he’ll be under the same pressure as Johnson was at the end of last season. Not sure about Clough, if he didn’t have his surname and Sunderland connections, would he come under consideration? Re the Maguire situation, I agree he should have played more last season - evidently a personality issue, as shown a few weeks ago.

Mansfield Town v Leyton Orient - Sky Bet League Two
Would Clough be an option?
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Dear Roker Report,

Well a few months ago I mentioned about JD being a free agent, would be a good back up striker, but I think you shot me down, but nevertheless, he’s back at the SOL, and no doubt he will be a great addition not just on the pitch but also in training and the dressing room.

A lot has been mentioned about Hoffman and how he is not commanding the 18 yd box, or coming for crosses, Now he is young and still learning, but isn’t his development down to our GK coach David Preece?. He should be highlighting his strengths and weaknesses, and build his confidence and experience in these areas.

As for corners why can’t we put a couple of players on the goal posts.

I also agree with you about the new management fitting in with KLD’s plans.

I think LJ was about 70% there but lacked further vision.

Fingers and everything else crossed that we get promoted.



Ed’s Note [Martin]: Don’t think I shot you down on that one Paul, must have been one of the other lads, but that’s the beauty of football isn’t - different opinions. Obviously we don’t know what impact JD will have but he’ll sure give the place a lift on Saturday. As for Hoffmann, I think he’s got loads of potential, has made some great saves at times, but is very young for a keeper and it shows. I think that’s the trade off at this level - an older, consistent ‘ok’ keeper (Burge), or a more erratic but potentially excellent keeper - Hoffmann. I think there’s more to be gained from the latter.

Ostersunds FK Training Session
Keeper Coach David Preece
Photo by David Lidstrom/Getty Images

Dear Roker Report,

Sunderland now have the chance to appoint a long term quality manager and should be looking at the likes of Neil Lennon, John Terry or Duncan Ferguson not I am afraid at managers who have recently lost their jobs in the Championship or EFL or who have previously been on the management roundabout.

It needs a new approach and ideas with experience for the long term. Sunderland are such a fabulous club with such dedicated supporters who deserve the best and now is the time to get it right for the long term future.


Ed’s Note [Martin]: I’d rather have John Lennon than Neil, Telboy. I do agree, though, we should steer clear of anyone who’s on the EFL managerial merry-go-round - hearing some of the names linked, such as Grant McCann and Alex Neil etc - make me break out in a cold sweat. Whether we go with a long-term or short-term appointment remains to be seen, but as I mentioned above, I suspect the board will be looking no further than the end of the season right now.


Farewell, Tony, and thanks for the Sunderland memories


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