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Roker Rapport Podcast: Reaction to the wonderful uneventful world of Sunderland AFC!

As not much has gone on this week in the life of a Sunlun fan, Gav and Phil thought they’d get together to talk about the weather. Honest. Even dragged the sports editor for the MK Citizen - Toby Lock - on for a chat about cloud formations.

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What’s the crack?

  • Hahahahahaha... Aye.
  • Gav and Phil react to the news regarding the share split between KLD and the rest of the old gang that is MADROX; the ultimate all-for-profit nemesis of football fans everywhere.
  • As we wait for the minutes from the RAWA meeting with the club, what do the lads make of the volley of communications from both SD and CM - as well as KLD and the other SD - the timing of all this is fascinating isn’t it.
  • Charlie, oh Charlie - every mackem’s favourite Ibiza obsessed Etonian is back! Sort of. The lads come up with an elaborate plan to swap fixture lists to temporarily confuse him.
  • We react to news of the end of an era as the Legend Kevin Ball’s time at the club is confirmed to be over - more great timing obviously - what do we know so far about this news and how are the lads taking it?
  • In an attempt to distract everyone - including new gaffer Alex Neil - from the volume of information flying around about off the pitch matters, Gav cunningly throws in the curveball that WE’RE PLAYING FOOTBALL TOMORROW! dramatic music
  • We’re joined by Toby Lock of the MK Citizen who gives us an update on all things MK Dons - including the rise of Liam Manning and their rise back into contention for promotion - as Sunlun wage war on Sunlun for Sunlun reasons.

All this and so much more! See if you can keep up...

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