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Is Jay Matete any good? Fleetwood fan Knappers gives insight into Sunderland’s latest signing

Sunderland have signed Jay Matete from Fleetwood - and Cod Army fan and Youtuber Knappers reckons this lad is amazing, and destined for the very top!

Sunderland AFC

RR: So, Jay Matete then... is he any good?

Knappers: Yes - he’s a young talent with a lot to learn, but you can see he’s destined to reach the top.

RR: He comes very highly rated and has been linked with moves to Premier League and Championship clubs. Why do you think that is?

Knappers: Because he runs forwards, he plays forwards, he’s hard to get the ball off, he can score goals, good on both feet, and is so confident with the football.

RR: Sunderland are lacking a proper physical presence in midfield. What can Matete bring to our side?

Knappers: He will bring a physical side - it’s hard to get him off the ball, he will be direct and quick in the way he goes about things.

Charlton Athletic v Fleetwood Town - Sky Bet League One - The Valley Photo by Nigel French/PA Images via Getty Images

RR: Do you think he’s ready to play for a club like Sunderland?

Knappers: Yes, he has that desire, that hunger and that confidence - he knows the ability he’s got.

RR: What are his biggest strengths and weaknesses as a midfielder?

Knappers: Strengths? His passing and the engine on him - he’s glued to the ball. In terms of areas that need work... not enough goals or creativity at times, however he was playing very deep in a poor side.

RR: Are you surprised that he’s left so early into his Fleetwood career?

Knappers: No, he’s too good for us, and had only six months left on his contract. We had to cash in now.

RR: Ultimately, what would you say to any Sunderland fans who aren’t quite sure about this particular signing?

Knappers: Give him a chance. You will love him - if not, you can send us him back… All the best Jay!


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