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Coventry United Ladies v Southampton F.C. Women - FA Women’s Continental Tyres League Cup

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Lasses Fan Focus: Coventry United fan Michael Mogan MBE on his love for today’s opposition

“Coventry United gifted my family one of the happiest days of our lives...”  

Photo by Naomi Baker/Getty Images

Roker Report How did you and your family start supporting Coventry United?

MM: I have been a fundraiser for 30 years, for hospitals, cathedrals, universities, city ot culture etc....

That can involve hosting at lots of sporting events. One day my twin daughters (when they were about 7) said “why do you only host at men sport events?”

I felt ashamed

We started to go to Cov United women (and netball+++) and have never looked back!

RR: You were involved in raising money and raising the profile of the cause of the Coventry United players last Christmas. How important is it to your city that you have a women’s football team?

MM: The Lionesses have changed the sporting world! But even before the Euros, having role models for my daughters has always been important. And the way our players conduct themselves and the time they give to the next generation means so much.

Coventry has had a rocky time when it comes to sports (we’ve lost bees and wasps!) so CUWFC is increasingly important. And they do great work in schools and the community.

Coventry United Ladies v Southampton F.C. Women - FA Women’s Continental Tyres League Cup Photo by Naomi Baker/Getty Images

RR: The great escape last season was a story that engaged the whole of English women’s football. How did it feel to be a Coventry fan when that free kick went in from Mollie Green?

MM: There are no words.... we had been a part of the Cov United Ladies family for a while, but the events of last Christmas and the nature of our survival gifted my family one of the happiest days of our lives...

We will never forget the ladies who helped create such a wonderful moment in our city’s history.

RR: 2022-23 has been a really difficult season for Coventry so far. Are you still hopeful that the team will be able to survive in the Championship?

MM: I am a football fan... so of course!!

The new players are really digging deep and are brilliant to the young fans. It’s been a hard opening to the season but we fans will be there through thick and thin... something Cov and Sunderland fans have in common

Coventry United Ladies v London City Lionesses - Barclays FA Women’s Championship Photo by Morgan Harlow - The FA/The FA via Getty Images

RR: Who is your favorite Coventry United player and why?

MM: Historically we loved Nat Johnson and Naomi Hartley last season... but this season the new girls have really been lovely to the young fans, not just Katy and Spanna, but also Mary, Jodie, Merrick and all.

RR: What would be an acceptable result for your team in the game this weekend against Sunderland?

MM: I think we need to avoid defeat. There have been promising signs so a 3 point haul is possible!

RR: Thank you for speaking with us, Michael. Enjoy the game.

Michael Mogan is a fundraising consultant who has worked on many major campaigns including Coventry’s City of Culture Bid.

His website is


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