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The final day of our Soup Kitchen ‘22 fundraising appeal - still time to make your mark!

If you can spare a few pounds, please bring our Christmas appeal to a brilliant end as we push to get the GoFundMe to £50,000. Do spread the message and together we can make this New Year even happier for Sunderland fans.

The last month has been magical.

Not only have Mogga’s Lads managed to blast themselves into the Championship playoff places, but the whole of the Sunderland AFC football community has also come together once more to support the brilliant work of the Sunderland Community Soup Kitchen.

Whether it’s through been through donating directly to the GoFundMe, sending a text message, buying some socks, purchasing matchday tickets, or entering our raffle, the money has flowed in. We’ve been shocked but not surprised, the goodness of people of this city and the wider Sunderland AFC family always shines through.

And the people supported at Albert’s Place and the foodbank have had a Christmas that would not have been possible without the money fans have given and the volunteers that spend their time and love looking after the homeless and penniless in our city.

Turkey sandwiches on Christmas Day, served with love. Christmas dinner boxes delivered to families, packed with love. Presents under the tree for kids, given with love.

Julie, a Soup Kitchen volunteer

All of this and more is the work of the Sunderland Community Soup Kitchen, and it makes a massive difference. Yet the problem of food poverty is not going away, and inflation will continue to cut ever more painfully deep into the incomes of those at the bottom of the pile in 2023.

We will announce the final total for December in a special article on Roker Report tomorrow morning.

The need will increase and with it the work of Andrea Bell and her wonderful and dedicated teams. But they’ll be there, as ever, doing their best to make the money go as far as possible and have the most impact.

If you haven’t donated to the appeal yet, there’s still a little time. Even a few pounds can go a long way to help and every penny is spent on building and delivering these vital social support services.

Just click here to donate what you can right now.

If you simply cannot spare anything, we totally understand - times are hard and money is tight. But please do keep listening to the adverts on the Roker Rapport podcast as every time you do the money from the advertisers goes directly to the Soup Kitchen’s account, and do spread the message about the final day of the appeal to your friends, family, neighbours and colleagues.

Every share in a WhatsApp group or on Facebook brings more awareness and the chance someone who doesn’t yet know about the appeal or the Soup Kitchen’s work might be able to help.


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