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RRP: Countdown to Sunderland v Millwall w/ Lions’ Commentator - Karl Bates!

We’re back - and it’s all getting very busy at podcast HQ - as our Chris Wynn chats to the BBC’s Karl Bates about Millwall’s trip north to face the Lads in what will be a temporary reprieve from the World Cup for a few hours this Saturday!

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What’s the crack?

  • How long has Karl been covering Millwall for the BBC, and where do his football allegiances lie?
  • In a Roker Rapport first we have a countdown champion on the pod - does Karl still have the teapot to prove it?
  • How has Gary Rowett been getting on down at the Den, and did he welcome the World Cup break as much as Tony Mowbray did?
  • RR are pleased to hear George Honeyman is rated 7/10 by Millwall journalists and fans…
  • Who are the Lions best performers this season and are the fans slightly nervous about keeping hold of players like Zian Flemming?
  • How should Mowbray expect Rowett to set up against us this Saturday - Karl gives us his likely lineup for the match;
  • Are Millwall expecting to come away with three points, and are they happy flirting with the playoff spots in the Championship this season?
  • All this and more. Ha’way the Lads!

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