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RRP: The Big Fat SAFC Chat - Cardiff woes, Crowd control, KLD Speaks & Looking ahead to Friday!

We went a bit quiet after the weekend and you would've had a match review but *a lot has happened since off the field* so our Chris Wynn and Craig 'The Artist formerly known as the Angryman' Chapman reconvened to have a chat about everything from the loss to Cardiff, some crowd trouble, the talk given by KLD to fans alongside Speakman and Jones, and looking ahead to Birmingham away! Aye.

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What’s the crack?

  • EVERYTHING MAN - The lads had no remit beyond ‘cover everything’ and that’s exactly what they’ve done.
  • That performance against Cardiff City at the weekend; wasn’t great was it…
  • The crowd performance against Cardiff City at the weekend; wasn’t great was it…
  • The talk at Pop Recs as Kyril Louis-Dreyfus, Kristjaan Speakman, Dave Jones and the rest had a chat with fans about their plans for the future, and the state of play as things stand;
  • The Rossco Panic - Could the club avoid mayhem by maybe broadcasting these fan meetings to the wider base? Also… are we ready to let go of the big man?
  • The idea behind sustainability in the EFL pyramid and looking at our progress in the Championship so far this season;
  • What predictions surrounding our visit to Birmingham this Friday night do the lads have?
  • Patience is key this season isn’t it? Or are people genuinely concerned we won’t be able to survive come May next year?
  • All this and much more! Thanks for listening!

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