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Roker Rapport Podcast: Amad Night In Yorkshire - Huddersfield Town 0-2 Sunderland AFC Reaction!

Our Gav and Chris got together - for the second time this week - late last night to react to a vital SAFC away win against the Terriers down at a wet and windy John Smith’s Stadium!

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What’s the crack?

  • We won and we’re all pretty happy about it, but conditions weren’t great throughout the first half; what did the lads make of the first 45?
  • ALEX F***ING PRITCHARD; A great goal against his former side and an even better celebration
  • AMAD LAD; Another great performance topped off with a great goal (that myself and others absolutely didn’t think was scored by young Jewi Bennette) but we’re falling in love with a loan player again lads and lasses - we’ll enjoy him as long as we have him…
  • OH ABDOULLAH, HE MAKES ME HAPPY; Some performance by our young midfielder after his introduction in the second half - the only way is up for this lad!
  • A fantastic performance (and goal celebration) from our Luke O’Nien - think he’s allowed a little smile after that aye?
  • Jay Matete was a welcome sight in that second half with some great challenges, and Ellis Simms made a big impact despite not scoring; Both up for a start soon?

All this and much more! Ha’waaaay the Lads!

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