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Roker Rapport Podcast: Quick Reaction to Sunderland AFC 0-0 Blackpool!

Gav and Chris got together after tonight's draw against Blackpool at the Stadium of Light to break down the night's action!

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What’s the Crack?

  • How are the lads feeling about that performance?
  • Is it almost lazy to blame the lack of strikers for our lack of chances, as despite acknowledging how much they’re needed we did create chances didn’t we?
  • Some brave defending, some great play from Alese once again and good saves from Patto;
  • *Game of two halves klaxon*
  • What happened in that second half?
  • We’ll take the points and clean sheets given our current situation, but people are understandably frustrated;
  • Mowbray has asked for patience and we’re in no danger as it stands - doesn’t both he and the squad deserve the time they need?

Back soon lads and lasses! HAWAY!

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