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Wigan Athletic v Sunderland - Sky Bet League One - DW Stadium

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Roker Report Score Predictions 2022-23: Game 14 - Sunderland vs Wigan Athletic

Sunderland’s slight dip in form now includes a 2-1 loss to Swansea, in a game very much of two halves. Can our Mackem Magicians take all three points at home against Wigan?

Photo by Barrington Coombs/PA Images via Getty Images

Last time around - Swansea City (a)

Despite the persistence in optimism from the Predictions team, the lads suffered our first defeat since Teeside last Saturday, going down 2-1. It was an odd game for most - we were nowhere near them in the first half, and went 2-0 down to a couple of scrambled, deflected efforts. In truth, we could have been 3 or 4 down if it were not for more fine saves from Patterson. We were awful in the first 45. Some way from the performance that would give most of these predictions hope.

We changed shape, and scored the only decent goal of the game in the second period, with Clarke slotting a left footer through a defender's legs and into the bottom right corner. Despite other half-chances, we didn’t get anything from the game, though it is fair to say the Swans fans were happy to hear the whistle go, as were Boro in the first week of September.

Next we face Wigan, who moved up to 8th in the table after their 1-0 defeat of Blackburn last Tuesday, with a goal scored in the second half by a certain Nathan Broadhead. McClean, Power, Broadhead and Wyke all started in that game, and will likely run out at their old gaff in the north east, but in different colours. They will be looking to see what they can get kicking the other way down the paddock. Hopefully nothing.

Predictions League Table - after 13 games

The only point awarded from our last game went to Jack, who correctly predicted that Clarke would score our first, and as it turned out our only goal. Bomber was unlucky as a ball fizzed across the 6 yard line in the first half was almost converted by big Danny, but he couldn’t get enough on it to put it past the keeper.

Roberts, Bennette and Diallo didn’t really have many chances from memory, but hopefully they can all get on the scoreboard very soon as we need goals from the wider team to fill the void till Ross and Ellis return.

That sole point for Jack takes him up to joint second. Will continues to boss it with a 5 point lead. Martin continues to struggle to catch up with the peloton.

How the points are awarded...

Just a quick reminder on how we allocate points to our match-by-match predictions:

  • Correct score = 3 points
  • Correct outcome (but not correct score) = 1 point
  • Correct first Sunderland goalscorer = 1 point (no goal scorer is a valid call)
  • Possible deductions for being lazy and not submitting on time = TBC at Malc’s discretion…

Malc Dugdale predicts...

Score Prediction: Sunderland 3-1 Wigan Athletic

Sunderland’s first goalscorer: Jack Clarke

Jack put in a good display down in Swansea and scored a well taken goal. When the gaffer changed our shape and put him up the middle, he caused further issues too.

I think Mowbray may well start with Jack up the middle at home, maybe giving others (EG Bennette or Dajaku) a go in the wider berth vacated by Clarke. We need to try something different while sticking with the same approach. Clarke can give that a pop, as we saw visiting the Swans.

Sunderland v Blackpool - Sky Bet Championship
He was decent against Blackpool too, with only very good saves keeping him out. Go for it Jack!
Photo by Alex Dodd - CameraSport via Getty Images

Once we get one goal I genuinely think we will get a few, hence the 3-1 call. Wigan have scored 5 and conceded 5 in the last 4 games. We have scored 3 and conceded 3. If we can tighten up and avoid these deflected goals that keep going in (mainly off our Luke) we should prevail, but only if we can attack better than them.

We have 3 top-ten teams in a row after this, so we need to get back on the front foot. Wigan are awful on a bad day, so let’s kick start our middle ten games right here.

Matty Foster predicts...

Score Prediction: Sunderland 2-1 Wigan Athletic

Sunderland’s first goalscorer: Patrick Roberts

Much will be made of the array of former players returning to SoL, and the likelihood of them coming back to haunt us.

On top of that, Wigan have had a steady start and are yet to lose on the road.

Our form has hit the bumpers recently, but it has to come to an end at some point.

I think we can sneak this to be honest, perhaps based on blind faith more than anything.

Sunderland v Preston North End - Sky Bet Championship
Come on Paddy. Put them Reading game boots back on.
Photo by Stu Forster/Getty Images

Bomber Davies predicts...

Score Prediction: Sunderland 2-0 Wigan Athletic

Sunderland’s first goalscorer: Patrick Roberts

Back to winning ways this weekend I’m sure of it. Second half against Swansea was much improved and in the end was a game we could have got something from.

Wigan, or “Sunderland reserves” as they have come to be known, will be full of players with a point to prove returning to the Stadium of Light.

However, much as the occasion got to those players against Charlton at Wembley, as will the occasion get the better of them this time round.

Power, Wyke et al to freeze on the day and Sunderland pick up a much needed win!

Sunderland v Lincoln City - Sky Bet League One Play-off Semi Final 2nd Leg
Chaz was often hot and cold…hopefully cold this weekend.
Photo by Mark Fletcher/MI News/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Martin Wanless predicts...

Score Prediction: Sunderland 0-0 Wigan Athletic

Sunderland’s first goalscorer: No goal scorer

This game worries me a lot. You can just see all the headlines - Broadhead, Wyke, Power and McClean all returning - all with goals in them.

We’re really struggling in front of goal - the experiment with the under 21s didn’t work during the week - and I just don’t see where the goals are coming from.

Sunderland v Blackpool - Sky Bet Championship
Can Amad step up and prove Martin wrong?
Photo by Ian Horrocks/Sunderland AFC via Getty Images

The only redeeming thing here is I’m bloody awful at predicting the outcome of games, which must give a sprinkling of hope at least!

Will Jones predicts...

Score Prediction: Sunderland 3-1 Wigan Athletic

Sunderland’s first goalscorer: Alex Pritchard

No wins in five should hopefully push the lads hard this weekend; we know what we can do, and we have been competitive in every game, so hopefully this is the one to push us back into form.

Sunderland v Preston North End - Sky Bet Championship
Go on Alex lad, you’ve been quiet of late, lets have it.
Photo by Alex Dodd - CameraSport via Getty Images

Three wins against the Latics last season should give our team and fans a boost, and alongside the lack of rest the Wigan team have had, this should stand us in good stead.

I fully believe this is one of the few must wins this season. And we will deliver.

Watch. This. Space.

Jack Howe-Gingell predicts...

Score Prediction: Sunderland 2-1 Wigan Athletic

Sunderland’s first goalscorer: Jack Clarke

We’ve found wins hard to come by and it feels like a good time to play against a team we bested three times last season, and who are largely composed of the same side as when in League One.

You can have your pick of “you just know he’ll score” with Wigan being the Sunderland B team akin to Stoke back in our Premier League days. However, I feel our defence is good enough to repel our former players and their teammates.

Sunderland v Wigan Athletic - Sky Bet League One
He did very little against us last season. Keep that up Max.
Photo by Ian Horrocks/Sunderland AFC via Getty Images

We need to get back to winning ways to set us up well for the upcoming World Cup break, and this is a great time to start. We need to improve our home form and our fans deserve to see some joy for their continued strong support.


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