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Sunderland v Blackpool - Sky Bet Championship

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Player Ratings: Host of first teamers on show as Sunderland U21s lose to Leeds at the SOL

Despite fielding a side made up mostly of first teamers, Sunderland lost to Leeds U21s at the SOL tonight. Here’s how Gav rated the Lads…

Photo by Ian Horrocks/Sunderland AFC via Getty Images

Jacob Carney: 6/10

Couldn’t have done much about the goal, and made a decent save from a free kick.

Dennis Cirkin: 6/10

Solid enough, but was understandably rusty after a stint out. Looked after himself rather than pushing it and will be glad to get ninety minutes.

Zak Johnson: 6/10

Didn’t look out of place alongside Wright.

Bailey Wright (c): 6/10

As expected really. Coasted through most of the game. Other than a few hairy passes, he was fine.

Trai Hume: 6/10

Few decent bursts forward and defended relatively well, but didn’t stand out. Another who will just be happy to have played 90.

Jewison Bennette: 5/10

Struggled to impact the game. Leeds had a cracking right back who was more than a match for him. Tried hard though and certainly didn’t play poorly.

Edouard Michut: 5/10

Made too many fouls and struggled against some physical Leeds players, but looked tidy when he was on the ball.

Abdoullah Ba: 5/10

Didn’t really do much.

Jay Matete: 7/10

Looked a cut above the majority of his teammates. Very tidy, won us back the ball plenty, and stood out a bit.

Amad Diallo: 6/10

Better in the first half, but probably our most threatening player - not that there was much competition. Quietened off in the second period.

Leon Dajaku: 5/10

Struggled up top to be honest. Got in behind a few times and had the ball in the net but was offside.

Man of the Match: Jay Matete

Needs to start for the first team on Saturday.


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