How do we get perspective when we live in a culture of extremes where there are no greys just black and white?

Statements regards players are thrown out on here and other media by pundits and fans alike, by one side or another depending on there view point but which is right?

An example facts regards two players

Player A
149 games goals 36 assists 34 Gpg 4.14 Apg 4.4 Gpm 306 Apm 324

Player B
124 games goals 28 assists 27 Gpg 4.4 Apg 4.6 Gpm 267 Apm 277

Apg Gpg are assists/goals per game where as Gpm Apm are assists/goals per min

How would you assess these two players? Who is the best? How would decide who is best?


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