They’re still there

After an 11 game unbeaten run during which time we took 4 points from Ipswich, had two 5-0 victories and a 3-0 win, played some cracking football and for a little luck (Oxford and Wycombe) would’ve had two more wins in the bag, in some supporters minds we’ve now become the worst team in the world managed by the most incompetent manager we’ve ever had (again)……what is it with some ‘supporters’ that any little bump in the road and it’s like they’ve won the lottery? They can’t wait to get on social media and throw in their ten pence worth of, "I told you he was crap (whether that be the manager or any of the players)."

Any chance of a little perspective? 8 games in December, recognised as one of the hardest months of the season with a thread bare squad and we were unbeaten in the league. We go into the new year and Covid affects our team even further. Then there’s the argument for postponing the games where we have to recall loan players. To my mind, I think that the management did the right thing in both the short and long term by trusting the recalled players to do a job and that in turn must give these lads confidence that the club see them as being part of the long term plan. We’ve had the seasons of games in hand and that was a sure thing wasn’t it and it worked out well didn’t it…..??? Wigan are going to be playing for 7-8 weeks Tuesday/Saturday. They know the crack about how difficult its going to be to avoid defeats, injuries etc and have already started bleating that the season needs extending blah blah blah. For once, we won’t have that and to my mind, that’s going to work in our favour.

Another piece of the puzzle of getting out of this horrendous league is the transfer window. We’ve still got 2 weeks of it left and I’ve read Lee Johnson’s comments about Covid affecting clubs decisions to allow players to leave. I’ve seen people commenting that he’s making excuses. Honestly, what planet are people living on where they think he’s talking bollocks? It’s common sense for teams to hang on until the last minute before allowing players to leave. There aren’t as many fixtures being cancelled at the minute compared to a fortnight ago and nationwide, infection rates are falling. By January 31st, common sense tells me that there’ll be a brighter picture for incoming players. I know this won’t appease Mr ‘It should’ve been sorted yesterday’, but surely they can see the logic behind what he was saying…..No?

OK then, how about players coming back from injury over the next 2 months? McGeady, O’Nien, Broadhead, Huggins, plus Cirkin getting back up to speed? Does that tickle your fancy or is that just horse shit too?

Sometimes I feel like some people are so accustomed to failure that when they see a chance of success they don’t like it. Let’s get back to the Donald/Methven era eh? You’d love that wouldn’t you? What about getting Parkinson or Grayson back in? Does that sound appealing? The club is moving forward now. We’ve got a committed owner, a strong management team from the top, a bright, enthusiastic and articulate (one of the reasons the nay-sayers don’t like him) coach in charge, a group of players including Stewart and Neil who are coveted by teams further up the pyramid and a style of play that most people I speak to are thoroughly enjoying.

Please, please, please, can we have some perspective. We’re all entitled to our opinions and mine is that some supporters should try and think a little more in depth about what is going on now, compared to what we’ve had and to think about how the long term objectives are going to be met by the current policies and principles the club now has…..Please……KTF!

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