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Fan Letters: “I’m glad to see Denver Hume is back!” - and more complaints about crap e-ticketing

RR reader Mark is glad to see Denver Hume back at the club - but, in less positive news, we have more reports of older fans struggling to buy tickets. When are the club going to step up? Email us:

Dear Roker Report,

Glad to read the news this morning that Denver Hume has re-signed.

He’s a good left back at this level and I always want academy lads to do well.

Now that he’s over his injury he can get back involved.

People have short memories and forget how important Denver has been in each of the last two seasons - he adds proper competition in a position where we are weak (Dan Neil SHOULD NOT be playing left back unless we are desperate).

Glad to see him finally back.


Mark Whittaker

Ed’s Note [Gav]: I agree with all of that, Mark. Your letter this morning is well-timed as I’ve found myself shaking my head at some of the stick he’s getting on Facebook and Twitter. NONE OF US have a clue about what went on with Hume’s contract talks... but more importantly, does it even matter anymore? He was injured all summer anyways and did all of his rehab and training at the club - now that he’s fit, he’s signed a deal and is available for selection. Great. Let’s move forward and hope for some happy memories.

Sunderland v Northampton Town - Sky Bet League One Photo by Mark Fletcher/MI News/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Dear Roker Report,

I cannot understand how the club can put a system in place where trying to simply buy a ticket for a match is such a nightmare.

The e-ticket system is a minefield to navigate - trying to click on those microdots that are supposed to be seats... you nearly smash your phone or iPad screen!

So many supporters just give up in anger and don’t attend.

I’m a season card holder but twice I gave up trying on cup games - we have lost a lot of older supporters who haven’t got smart phones or computers and printers through this system.

I cannot see us ever getting big attendances ever again - what’s the problem in just going down the ticket office or having a contactless pay at the gate system?

It makes me wonder if KLD knows the revenue the club is losing.

John Connor

Ed’s Note [Gav]: This is clearly a huge issue and it seems the club aren’t being proactive in doing something about it. They’ve successfully alienated a large group of fans who just want to give the club their money and come to games. Customer experiences should be as simple as they possibly can be - I don’t understand why they’ve made it so difficult for the older generation, or those who aren’t tech-savvy.

You’re right about the e-Ticketing site too, it’s absolutely shite and a pain to use.

Dear Roker Report,

When trying to purchase tickets online the other week it took me over an hour, and cost me more than going to the ticket office.

The reason it took me ages was, as while zooming in, picking a seat it was taking ages to do. It would not let me pick two at the same time, so I had to repeat the process.

Plans I had fallen through, so our only chance to go to the game was buying tickets online.

I won’t do it again though - it’s far too fiddly on a phone to do it.

Get the cash turnstiles back!

Jackie King

Ed’s Note [Gav]: Like I said above, Jackie, it’s a bit of a farce all of this and I feel for you. The club is owned by a billionaire, I’m sure we could afford to employ someone - even short term - to assist customers with purchasing tickets online.

We are letting ourselves down by neglecting something so important. Giving people adequate support should not be a difficult thing to do, but here we are.


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