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Sunderland Unveil New Signing Leon Dajaku

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How do you rate Sunderland’s transfer window?

Now that the deadline has passed…. How do you rate our business done overall? Was it a successful window for Sunderland?

Photo by Ian Horrocks/Sunderland AFC via Getty Images

Tom Albrighton says...

It would take a very picky person to not be happy with Sunderlands transfer window and even scrolling through Sunderland Twitter, even the pickiest seem placated by our transfer business.

In the furthers possible cry from windows gone past, Sunderlands recruitment has been precise, efficient, and most importantly - not rushed. A consistent pattern of acquiring young players from far above our station with loans and mutually beneficial clauses to all parties involved, Sunderlands business in the window has been just that - business.

So far those signings that have played all seem to offer something different to the side as well as adding the obvious quality. Whilst some have settled instantly others will take their time but as a long season quickly gathers pace, these players will find more than ample opportunity.

Add in a smart loan move for Jack Diamond to assure his progress and finally getting Will Grigg off the books has rubber-stamped an incredible window in both departures and incoming’s with a series of players on high wages or who simply aren’t good enough were moved with subsequent ease and minimal fuss.

For the first time in a long time, Sunderland have looked forward in their recruitment and the early signs are promising. Add to this the fact that Louis-Dreyfus and Speakman have delivered on what they promised to set out to do, this summer has been an incredibly refreshing one despite the early murmurings of discontent when we didn’t sign an MK Dons cast off.

Blackpool v Sunderland - Carabao Cup Second Round Photo by Ian Horrocks/Sunderland AFC via Getty Images

Kelvin Beattie says...

It has been a very good start to the season and as the transfer window closes we would appear to have done some very good business at the death. The Speakman-Johnson team have done what they said they were going to do in recruiting quality and younger players. I am very comfortable with loan arrangements which give us and them a good chance to have a look and see if the move suites.

I was a tad disappointed in Diamond to Harrogate. I love to see him coming down our right wing and had thought this would be his breakthrough season. If the loan works as well for him as Embleton’s did, then we can look forward to fireworks when he returns.

The Grigg saga needed resolving, putting him and us out of our misery was a fair result. I genuinely hope he goes on to have a good season. Our incomings are generally some of the best recruitment we have done in years. No silly money being thrown away on players who may ….or may not really fancy the job this far north!

A word of caution midst all the euphoria. These are young players, still learning their trade and still maturing into adults emotionally and intellectually. We need to be patient, supportive and not expect error-free performances as they develop their game, hopefully to our mutual benefit.

As I look at the squad, I am as excited as I have been in years, I wrote some time ago about the need to nurture and develop a young squad that will grow into a successful team together. The signs are good, the mix of “youth” and experience looks as balanced as it has done in years……are we really “on our way”?

Well my wagon is painted I am ready to follow the Maria Wind, wor lass has handed me down that can o’ beans and gold fever is gripping me ………bring it on

Milton Keynes Dons v Sunderland - Sky Bet League One Photo by Ian Horrocks/Sunderland AFC via Getty Images

Will Jones says...

I for once am extremely happy we haven’t been looking for scraps and fillers come deadline day.

In terms of ins we have brought in players who are young, extremely versatile, and with something to prove and have created a core we should be able to keep moving forward through the seasons and divisions.

In regard to the outs, the vast majority of the league one deadwood has gone (Hoorah!) and the fact that despite scoring a hat-trick in the cup, Aiden O’Brien is still allowed to leave on loan just says how different our squad will become and the vision that is held within the club's hierarchy.

I am happy for Jack Diamond who can get some serious game time week in week out and use what he has learned in league one and the cup with Mcgeady to rip that division apart.

I’m disappointed for Benji. Missing out on a move that leaves him sitting in the u23s for another 3 months unless he drops to the Vanarama National for some game time.

I am only unsure about the goalkeeper situation. Does Hoffman lead Burge to be third choice, since Patto has done nothing in his absence to warrant dropping? Or is Patto number 3? And if so I believe he should have definitely been loaned out to League 2.

We are also still waiting on an answer from Denver. Maybe now a move has all but evaporated we can focus on talking to him and getting the best move for both parties. But the fact we didn’t move for another left-back speaks volumes, doesn’t it?

We aren’t putting our faith in players who have “been there and done it”, but have created a squad who, for the most part, will do it together for the first time and it’s bloody exciting.

Sunderland Unveil New Signing Ron Thorbert-Hoffman Photo by Ian Horrocks/Sunderland AFC via Getty Images

Sam Blakey says...

Overall I’m delighted, not only with the signings we have made this window, but also with the way in which we have conducted our business throughout it.

It would seem that gone are the days of signing league one journeymen, the key example being last transfer deadline day we picked up a 35-year-old Danny Graham, and this year we’ve signed two young lads from Bayern Munich.

The calm and measured approach from those behind the scenes has really paid off for the club, it would seem that we’re trying to build a squad that would hopefully be able to hold its own in the league above (should we get there). I’m not suggesting that we’ve completed that squad by any means. However, it is nice as a fan to understand what direction we are moving in as a club and finally be able to see our new identity take shape.

As for outgoings, I think the less said about Will Grigg the better. I’m just pleased he’s not a part of the club anymore because, in my opinion, he has not earned the right to be a part of the new process. On the other hand, Jack diamond going out on loan has a very similar feel to Embleton going to Blackpool last year.

There’s no doubt that Diamond has his place in the squad, possibly only as a substitute or even appearances in the pizza cup, but I think it is the right decision to loan him out. We saw with Embleton that getting the experience of playing first-team football week in week out can allow you to come back a much better player.

Time will tell if this transfer window really has been an important one for the club, there’s no guarantee of anything yet. However, isn’t it nice to feel positive about our football club again!

Sunderland Unveil New Signing Leon Dajaku Photo by Ian Horrocks/Sunderland AFC via Getty Images

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