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Reports in South America claim Sunderland owners are in talks to buy Uruguayan club CA Rentistas

ESPN in South America are reporting that Sunderland’s ownership group are in talks to buy Uruguayan Primera División side Club Atlético Rentistas.

Sunderland AFC via Getty Images

Sunderland are in talks to purchase Uruguayan outfit C.A. Rentistas, according to reports in South America.

ESPN report that Sunderland had attempted to purchase Uruguayan duo River Plate and Sud America, however, talks with both failed to come to fruition, and now talks are ongoing with Rentistas.

The report claims that sources close to Sunderland shareholder Juan Sartori have said that both clubs were approached by an intermediary by the name of Edward Yern in order to start negotiations over a potential purchase.

Sartori has made no secret of the fact that he wants Sunderland to get a foothold in Uruguayan football, and that he wishes to purchase a club from his homeland that will be subsequently brought under the Sunderland umbrella - and that appears to be a probable eventuality, with talks ongoing between the clubs.

However, Teledoce have reported that Sunderland have said talks are ongoing with more than one club and the deal with Rentistas is not yet complete.


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