Keeping them all happy

I am really over the moon with how this transfer window has gone and the signing of the two german players is a bit of icing on the cake. We now have round pegs in round holes across the pitch and if I was to be super critical I would possibly bemoan missing out on another striker. I think LJ now has a team that should - on paper - but we don't play on paper - walk this league. How he's going to keep everyone happy when they're possibly not on the bench is going to be interesting though. We've only got room for eighteen to walk out on that pitch so that leaves possibly eight players kicking their heels if you include the likes of Taylor, Hawkes and Benji (after his failed loan move to Hartlepool.)

By the way, what on earth is going on with the loan paperwork? Seems to me like the original Grigg move to Donny, Benji's move to Hartlepool and O'Brien's move to ... wherever were cocked up by our lousy paperwork.

I am really looking forward to seeing the eleven walk out in our next game against Accrington though. Any bets on the first 11?

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