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Vinny Jones - Wimbledon

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Roker Rapport Podcast Special: An Exclusive Interview with the one and only Mr Vinnie Jones!

We are proud to present the legendary footballer, notorious hardman, and Hollywood star - Mr Vinnie Jones! You can listen for FREE on AcastiTunesSpotify, & YouTube - get stuck in!

Photo by Bob Thomas Sports Photography via Getty Images.

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Ahead of Wimbledon’s visit to the Stadium of Light to face SAFC this coming Saturday, we were all thinking of a guest both sides would be familiar with and one name just stood head and shoulders above the rest, so thanks to a mutual friend we were delighted to be granted the opportunity to speak to an English footballing Icon (who happens to dabble in a bit of acting) to get his thoughts on... well... everything, and to see if he could recall much about little old Sunlun.

What’s the crack?

  • Whatever Vinnie wants it to be? Aye.
  • As he was talking to us between shooting scenes for the upcoming second season of ‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’ we get a few insights into how hectic his schedule has been lately, and chat about his upcoming role in the latest of the ‘Rise of the Footsoldier’ film franchise.
  • What are Vinnie’s memories of Roker Park - and football in the north generally - back when he was playing for the likes of Wimbledon, Leeds United and Chelsea;
  • Vinnie made a prediction that this will be Sunderland’s season in League One; Does he think it’s time for the club to return to the Premier League?
  • His relationship with close friend and former teammate John Fashanu, his love for Gazza (and the story behind that picture) and his respect for Sunderland legends like Kevin Ball, Paul Bracewell and Gordon Armstrong;
  • His continuing battle with grief after the tragic double loss of a grandchild and his wife Tanya, and the reason he’s tried to reach out to people (men in particular) about the importance of seeking help with issues surrounding grief, depression, anger, suicidal thoughts and traumatic childhood experiences, as well as his own battles with alcohol and smoking, and coming to terms with the past;
  • Some of his favourite memories of crowds, the crazed abuse he used to get from total strangers, his love for the game overall and his thoughts on the progress made with things like racism in the stands;
  • VAR; So... How does he think that would’ve worked out for him if such a system had been in use when he was playing?

All this and much more! A fantastic chat with an absolute gent!

It’s been emotional lads and lasses...

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