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News: Sunderland COO Steve Davison provides supporter groups with update on latest board meeting

Sunderland’s COO Steve Davison has provided Supporter Groups with an update following the outcome of the club’s latest board meeting - and the appointment of a new Head of Marketing.

In a mailshot sent out by Sunderland AFC Supporters’ Trust the Red and White Army this morning, Sunderland’s recently-appointed Chief Operating Officer Steve Davison provided fans with an update on how the club’s latest board meeting went.

It reads:

“Earlier this week, we held our second board meeting since Kyril Louis Dreyfus became the majority shareholder of SAFC.

It was the first time we were able to hold the meeting in person, which made for a far more successful and action-driven assembly.

Amongst the diverse range of topics we discussed were the following:

- Further enhancement of the core business governance structures, which will enable SAFC to operate efficiently and effectively.

- Approval of the high-level recruitment plans proposed by Kristjaan Speakman based on the new process, data and scouting arrangements.

- Approval of the budget for the next season, including the sign-off of significant investment plans across our football and business operations.

The points above will allow Kristjaan and I the authority to implement the strategy we need to ensure the club achieves the success we all want and of course, further detail will be shared at our next meeting.

We have also appointed a new Head of Marketing. Michael Laidler, who I’m sure many of you have worked closely with before, has taken on the role following a comprehensive recruitment process.”


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