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Roker Rapport Podcast: Catching up with former Sunderland midfielder Tommy Miller!

Joining us on the Roker Rapport Podcast is Spennymoor Town’s manager - and former Sunderland midfielder - TOMMY MILLER!

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We are of course speaking to Mr Tommy Miller - the current manager of Spenny, and former Sunderland, Ipswich and Hartlepool midfielder.


  • Memories of Roker Park as a bairn; When did Tommy start following the Lads?
  • The old YTS scheme; We’ve not heard a single former player tell us there was anything wrong with it - would some lads coming through in this era perhaps benefit from a similar youth experience?
  • Tommy played under some of the biggest and most notorious personalities in the modern (depending on your age like) English game; Who did he learn the most from throughout his long professional career, and who did he think should’ve been given more of a chance/helping hand when they needed one?
  • His time at Sunderland; Like every single one of us, Tommy wanted to play for his local side, and he finally got the chance… so what was life like at the club during the frankly insane couple of years he was here and why does he think things didn’t turn out quite the way he wanted them to?

All this and a hell of a lot more, as there’s absolutely nothing else occurring today in the footballing world. So strap yourself in, hire an interpreter if you struggle with northern accents vs zoom technology, and enjoy the ride! It’s Miller Time!

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