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Sunderland v Aston Villa - Premier League

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Roker Report’s Brainbusters: Test your SAFC creds with this week’s teasers

Do you know your Gordons from your Gaudens? Your Reveilleres from your Rodwells? SAFC Merch is back with another round of Sunderland teasers to get the grey matter going.

Photo by Jan Kruger/Getty Images

Round One: Take 5 - Hearts v Sunderland

One point per question is up for grabs here in our first round – all about our history with Hearts.

1. Which midfielder left Sunderland in 1993 to return to his former club Hearts?

2. In which year did Roy Keane sign Craig Gordon from Hearts?

Scottish FA Cup Final: Hearts v Grenta
In which year did Roy Keane sign Craig Gordon?
Photo by Jamie McDonald/Getty Images

3. Which former Sunderland striker played for Hearts in the 2012 Scottish Cup final?

4. What was the score when the two clubs met in a friendly prior to the start of the 2009-10 season?

5. In which year did Sunderland beat Hearts in a ‘world championship challenge match’?

Round Two: Top 10 – international defenders

Tackle these 10 questions about international defenders who’ve donned the red and white. One point per question!

1. Prior to joining Sunderland, Anthony Reveillere played international football for which nation?

2. Which club Sunderland loan Tal Ben Haim from in 2009?

3. In which year did Phil Babb make his debut for the Republic of Ireland?

4. Sunderland lost to Manchester United on Joachim Bjorklund’s 2002 debut, but what was the score?

Ruud Van Nistelrooy and Joachim Bjorkluand
Bjorklund makes a debut challenge – but what was the score?
Photo by Ross Kinnaird/Getty Images

5. What was the reported fee Sunderland paid Helsingborgs for Jan Eriksson in 1997?

6. Which defender holds the record for most Welsh caps earned whilst at Sunderland?

7. Reuben Agboola’s first game in a Sunderland shirt was abandoned due to a frozen pitch, but who were the opponents?

8. In which country was Paulo da Silva born in and then play for?

9. Name the Belfast born defender that made his international debut in 1951, a year after he joined Sunderland?

10. Including substitute appearances, how many times did Talal El Karkouri play for Sunderland?

Round Three: 3-4-3 – the decider

In our final round, award yourself one point each for questions 1-3, two points each for questions 4-7 and three points each for questions 8-10 (20 points in total)

1. What is the name of new signing Corry Evans’ older brother, who has also played for Sunderland?

2. Who did Sunderland beat in the Papa John’s Trophy final last season?

3. Which club did Alex Pritchard play for last season prior to moving to Sunderland?

4. What was the score when Sunderland beat Tottenham Hotspur in the first game of the 2007-08 campaign?

5. Who scored Sunderland’s winner that day?

6. Who replaced Terry Butcher as manager in 1993?

Soccer - Barclays League Division One - Notts County v Sunderland - Meadow Lane
Most of us want to forget Terry Butcher’s spell in charge. But can you remember who replaced him?
Photo by Graham Chadwick/EMPICS via Getty Images

7. Which striker was named Player of the Season two years running during the 2010s?

8. Who scored Sunderland’s first goal of the 1970s?

9. Who did Allan Gauden replace when he became the first Sunderland player to ever make a substitute appearance?

10. In 1896 Hugh Wilson became the first Sunderland player to do what in a league game?

Let us know how you got on – scores out of 35!


Round one: Hearts v Sunderland

1. John Colquhoun

2. 2007

3. Stephen Elliott

4. 1-1

5. 1895

Round two: International defenders

1. France

2. Manchester City

3. 1994

4. 4-1

5. £250,000

6. Andy Melville

7. Liverpool

8. Paraguay

9. Billy Bingham

10. Nine

Round three: The decider

1. Jonny Evans

2. Tranmere Rovers

3. Huddersfield Town

4. 1-0

5. Michael Chopra

6. Mick Buxton

7. Jermain Defoe

8. Billy Hughes

9. Mike Hellawell

10. Get sent off


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