Fans all have their own opinions and they are all entitled to them, that is the beauty of football. So I would like to give mine. Not for one second im saying it is correct or wrong!

Let's look at our club. We have the best facilities in terms of stadium and academy and fanbase in league one. Should we be in league 1 and are we a big club?? Well that's a long question. Fanbase and facilities don't make you a big club. We are where we are so let's look forward and not backwards and ask the big question 'how do we get out of this league '.

I have noted a lot of discontent amongst our fanbase with the current situation be it from the manager to the players.

This is my view.

We have got a new ownership and a new strategy in place. This won't mean as he is minted we buy our way out of this place.(remember we tried to do this previously). I personally like his approach of rebuilding everything that has been eroded over the last 10 yrs and then when we get to where we want to be we are sustainable! Do we want to be West Brom, Sheffield utd etc. We need to build from the bottom and make ourselves a sustainable business and use the academy to our advantage. How many players have we had on our books who have then been released and gone onto do a job that we could only wish for!!! This for me is our biggest issue. We focus on our academy. If it means developing a player and selling for big bucks before our end goal then so be it. It helps our business. Jude Bellingham is a massive example. He has kept that club afloat for the next 5 yrs.

For me this is where our strengths lie, within the academy!

The manager!

I personally like Lee Johnson. He got a lot stick last year over his rotation policy and ultimately his 'failure'of not being promoted. My view is he was a victim of his early success with limited resources. He took over a team from parkinson that was bereft of ideas and was in my 20yrs the most predictable, boring team I have ever seen. Johnson couldnt splash the cash to change it as he was restricted by the takeover ongoing and league 1 transfer polices (which have thankfully been wiped out). He did fantastialy well with a squad which was not good enough quality and didn't have enough strength in depth. Look at the players we played out of position. The excuse it was parkinson team is now gone however and the sword is fully Johnson to fall on!. I dont however think he will.

Our signings!

We all want to sign messi but let's again take some reality. We are league one and can't attract massively quality players. We need to utilise the loan market and build within through our academy. Dion sanderson is the massive one on fans lips. Yes he was 2 million but not once has he ever said he wanted to come to us. There are 2 sides to every transfer rumour. If we got promoted I think we may have stood a chance of getting him bit once that fire was extinguished so was the hope if signing him. Our most productive period will potentially be the winter transfer market. Yes we need players however we have a talented academy (as the fans continue to shout) so why not trust in them! We need quality over quantity.

I personally think we will be playoff contenders this year and will have ups and downs but I believe in the longer term plan. And then next season we will walk the league and be contenders for the championship. If we went up last year we were not ready and quite easily could of been Wycombe and back where we started. Believe in the process and give the team (front and backroom staff) time and dont hound them out. We are not where we want to be, there have been mistakes made but my god I'd take this over 5 yrs ago. We have a plan and a goal and a method to get there. Will that be successful?? Well if I knew that I'd own the club as I'd be a multi billionaire. Keep the faith

And Stewart brings more to the team than Wyke. Look at the penalty he won against hearts. First time in years we have played a ball though and behind a defence. Again personal opinion!

Are you making a FanPost? Well that's fantastic, just keep it tasteful.