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Blackpool v Sunderland - Premier League

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Roker Report’s Brainbusters: Can you get full marks in our brand-new Sunderland quiz?

Tackle today’s 25 SAFC questions and let us know how you get on!

Photo by Alex Livesey/Getty Images

Round 1: Take 5 – York City v Sunderland

One point per question is up for grabs here in our first round – all about our history with York City.

1. Which utility player moved to Sunderland from York City in 1996?

2. What was the score when the two sides met at Roker Park in the League Cup during the 1988-89 season?

3. In which year did former York defender Ricky Sbragia become manager at the Stadium of Light?

Caretaker manager of Sunderland Ricky Sb
What year did Ricky Sbragia become Sunderland manager?
Photo credit should read IAN KINGTON/AFP via Getty Images

4. Who scored Sunderland’s consolation when they lost to York 2-1 in 1988?

5. Which player made his only appearance for the Lads during the same game?

Round Two: Top 10 – Thomas Hauser

Tackle these 10 questions about our tall striker of the late 80s. One point per question!

1. In which country was Thomas born?

2. Which manager brought him to Roker Park?

3. Thomas made his Sunderland debut in February 1989 against which team?

4. What was the score in that match?

5. How many league goals did Thomas score during the 1989-90 promotion season?

6. In 1991 Thomas became the first German to score in the English top flight after notching against which side?

7. Who did Thomas join when he left Sunderland the following year?

8. During 1990-91 Thomas scored in a 6-1 win over which side in the Rumblelows Cup?

9. In which country did Thomas make his professional debut?

10. How many goals did Thomas score for Sunderland in total?

Round Three: 3-4-3 – the decider

In our final round, award yourself one point each for questions 1-3, two points each for questions 4-7 and three points each for questions 8-10 (20 points in total)

1. Which company is Sunderland’s main kit sponsor for the 2021-22 season?

2. Tom Flanagan plays at international level for which country?

3. Which manager did Sunderland sack in November 2020?

4. Who did Sunderland play in the opening league fixture of the 2020-21 season?

5. In which year did Sunderland leave Roker Park?

Roker Park
In which year did we leave Roker Park?
Mark Thompson /Allsport

6. What was the reported fee when Roy Keane brought Craig Gordon to the club?

7. Who was Sunderland’s top goalscorer in the 2011-12 season?

8. Who was Ian MacFarlane’s last game as caretaker manager against in 1976?

9. Who scored the only goal of Mansfield Town’s FA Cup victory at the Stadium of Light during 2020-21?

10. What position did Sunderland finish in the first full season of the Football League after World War II (1946-47)?

Let us know how you got on – scores out of 35!


Round one: York City v Sunderland

1. Darren Williams

2. 4-0

3. 2008

4. Colin Pascoe

5. Dougie McGuire

Round two: Thomas Hauser

1. (West) Germany

2. Denis Smith

3. Hull City

4. 2-0

5. Six

6. Southampton

7. Cambuur

8. Bristol City

9. Switzerland

10. 11

Round 3: The decider

1. Great Annual Savings Group

2. Northern Ireland

3. Phil Parkinson

4. Bristol Rovers

5. 1997

6. £9 million (£7 million plus add ons)

7. Nicklas Bendtner

8. Derby County

9. George Lapslie

10. Ninth in Division One


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