SAFC Online Box Office

Can someone help me with this god awful system. Having previously held a season card for a number of years I cancelled it 2 years ago for financial reasons. Having now reached state pension age I decided to purchase a over 65 season card for next season using the Direct Debit scheme which I did online when the offer became available.

The first payment has now been deducted from my bank account but I have received no contact from SAFC regarding card number or registration number for this season card.

With the possibility of getting a ticket for the upcoming playoffs I attempted to login to the SAFC Online Box Office on my old season card account but found no record of my new season card on it. I attempted to create a new account but had no reference number for my new card in order to do so. I have attempted to contact SAFC via both email and telephone on numerous occasions over the last 3 days to get this information but have had no response being cut off apparently because of the high volume of calls.

I realise it is now far to late to obtain the single ticket I required but should we reach the playoff final I do not wish to have to go through the same rigmarole again. How can I contact the club to find the information I need about my new season card in order to open a new up to date account with the online box office?

Your help will be greatly appreciated.

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