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Fan Letters: “It’s great that they're taking Sunderland Ladies seriously” says supporter Doreen

In today’s mixed mailbag, Davy has a tip about a Danish ‘keeper, Doreen is glad the Lasses will be supported, and Colin remembers Billy Hughes’ testimonial. Got something to say? Email us:

Dear Roker Report,

Posted this on RTG but I mean it, so spamming:

1. SAFC should set up an incoming tips hotline so fans can provide suggestions. Not talking signings by committee, I mean a properly considered, filtered way for the club to receive good signing ideas from our wide range and number of fans.

2. I’ve only had the above idea because it became apparent to me we need to sign Oliver Christensen asap and I don’t know how best to relay that to the club. Please pass it on if you do. I’ve never been so correct about something in my life.

Is it yous that’s done podcasts with Tommy Sorensen? See what thinks and get him to put in a word with the club if he agrees with me. (If he doesn’t I’ll happily defer to his opinion). Yous must have an email, you’re the famous Roker Report.

current club: small enough we’re a fantastic step up

age: correct

ability: Danish i.e. awesome

cohesion: Danish i.e. Mackem; not a lot of people realise but the language and culture are essentially indistinguishable

need: we obviously glaringly want better keepers at the club

Anyone who remembers Tommy Sorensen, and sees this lad play, will surely agree he’s the one for us. But I don’t know how many at SAFC now will remember Tommy or understand how much a good keeper (by which I mean, overarchingly, one that can hold the ball rather than palm it out) means to us.

I love what the club recently said to supporters about identity; they recognise we like pressing and we like attacking. We want a squad of Jordans, essentially.

What wasn’t touched on was how we like our keepers; Monty - sticky gloves; Norman - sticky gloves; Given - sticky gloves; Perez - spectacle; Sorensen - sticky gloves; Fulop - RIP; Gordon - sticky gloves.

Always appreciate the output.

Cheers lads,

Davy Heymann

Ed’s Note [Rich]: Thanks for the tip, Davy, looks a decent player from that video. You’ve reminded me of when I was desperate for us to sign Niclas Alexandersson, because I always signed him on Champ Man back in the day. Not sure if I’ve got Tommy Sorensen’s number handy like, but maybe you might want drop the new Head of Recruitment an email about young Christensen when he or she is in post in the next couple of weeks.

Iceland v Denmark - 2021 UEFA European Under-21 Championship
Oliver Christensen playing for Denmark Under-21
Photo by Chris Ricco - UEFA/UEFA via Getty Images

Dear Roker Report,

Great to hear that the new ownership are taking the Ladies team seriously. To me that signals that these guys have serious money and are investing heavily into the SAFC structure, unlike their penny-pinching predecessors who cut every single area of the club they could to keep costs down.

The lasses are where they are due to no fault of their own.

Doreen Smith (Peterlee)

Ed’s Note [Rich]: Cheers for writing in, Doreen. I think you're absolutely right - it’s a statement of intent that they’re here to improve the whole club for the benefit of the whole community. Lots of us here at Roker Report are excited to see what comes of Kristjaan Speakman's conversations with Mel Reay about their strategy for success.

Photo by Chris Fryatt

Dear Roker Report,

Saw the article about Billy Hughes testimonial. I was one of the hardy souls there that night. It chucked it down with rain and if I remember rightly, Billy was devastated about the weather and subsequently the poor turn out. He gave every player who took part a rolex, which meant that he ended up losing out in the end when it was supposed to be his benefit match. I still feel a pang of sadness about that to this day. He deserved much better.

Colin Frankland

Ed’s Note [Rich]: Thanks for your letter, Colin, and for adding a bit of extra detail to the story I wrote up the other day. A few people have commented about how disappointing a turn out it was for such a loyal and loved servant of the club, and an FA Cup winner too. I’m not old enough to remember him playing but my Dad always speaks highly of him as a great player and a nice fella. We all enjoy writing about the history of the club, I’ve learned so much over lockdown with the help of some good books, websites and newspaper archives, but there’s nothing like hearing from fans who were actually there.

Soccer - Football League Division Two - Fulham v Sunderland Photo by S&G/PA Images via Getty Images

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