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Fan Letters: ‘Your player ratings could incite anarchy!’ says Sunderland fan Bill

Bill’s not happy with our Jimmy, and he’s got a lot to get off his chest! Plus, is promotion now a realistic target? Email us:!

Crewe Alexandra v Sunderland - Sky Bet League One Photo by Jon Hobley/MI News/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Dear Roker Report,

With reference to Jimmy Lowson’s ratings on the Crewe game, where does this fella get off? To give a 0/10 to McFadzean! I cannot believe this. The worst he deserves at least 2 or 3 for pulling on shirt. Now, if it was Denver he’d start at 5, I bet.

I know it’s all about opinions, but Jimmy’s hitting a wide audience here and his ratings could border on incitement. SAFC has a makeshift back line for starters, you’re not on the training ground secondly.

Big furore! Leicester have eight injuries, oh dear oh dear. How many centre backs do we have out is it 4 or 5? Give me a break – nothing’s won in Feb/March.

As a media page you should monitor this guy – comments like that could incite anarchy.

Sunderland are getting a bit of a positive vibe and he’s lashing out like this, totally disrespecting how well opponents play. If his head wasn’t in right place I’m sure LJ would not have played him. And Grant’s out now so who’s next whipping boy, Winchester or whoever replaces him?

Come on guys I know you’re doing a job and for the main it’s half decent, but please give some positive vibes for all who are not watching or listening in too much at the time. I’m not for giving wrong ratings but start where you’d want if you played. There’s no way a 0/10 is justified – no matter how bad. At worst, it’s a 3.

Wow, got that off my chest!

Yours in respect of SAFC.

Bill Airey

Ed’s Note [Jimmy]: We want the player ratings to be reflective of fans feelings and at the time when McFadzean was subbed off, I’d imagine most fans were feeling similar to me! Just complete and utter despair at how bad McFadzean was.

0/10 is an extreme rating, and in all the years that I have been doing the ratings, I’ve never given a 0 before, so it’s certainly not common.

I’m flattered that you think my player ratings could alter squad morale, but I’m sure these high achieving professional footballers are too single-minded to get worked up about a score out of 10!

Jimmy’s player ratings have riled Bill!

Dear Roker Report,

My word, have we had a worse left back that McFadzean?

Here is your challenge Roker Report, give me a good reason for persisting with this fella. Try your best even if you don’t mean it!

Jack Wade

Ed’s Note [Martin]: I’m not sure we have Jack. Tommy Lynch is the only other one that springs to mind but he rarely played. Clive Clarke? I’d take him in an instant now, even at the age he is! A good reason for persisting... that’s a tough one. In all seriousness, the only possible one is that we’ve got no-one else to play there and he gives us balance, being naturally left footed. If we had other people fit maybe O’Nien would be in that position, but as it is he’s needed at centre back.

Sunderland v Swindon Town - Sky Bet League One
Jack’s not a fan of McFadzean
Photo by Stu Forster/Getty Images

Dear Roker Report,

Everything seems to be going tits up at the other clubs up the top end. What a chance we have to capitalise and get in that top two. Am I daft for thinking we can do it?

By the way keep it up with the great podcasts and articles, it makes my day. I live out in Ontario, Canada and, as the only Sunderland fan here, it can get lonely, so your content keeps me connected.

Dan Wrightson

Ed’s Note [Martin]: Thanks a lot Dan, we all appreciate your kind words – and you and all of the other Sunderland fans out there are the reason we do it!

I don’t think you’re daft at all. I think we’re coming into form at the right time and everything’s still up for grabs. Hopefully we can get some defenders back in time for some of the six pointers we have coming up. I’m not getting my hopes up too much, but remain cautiously optimistic. Fingers crossed.

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