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Roker Rapport Xtra Podcast: Previewing Bristol Rovers v Sunderland & Making up formations...

Brett/Jason Cundy was joined by Bomber and Phil after the Blackpool victory over Posh to look at the upcoming SAFC league fixture with Joey F*cking Barton’s Bristol Rovers... You can listen for FREE on AcastiTunesSpotify, & YouTube - get stuck in.

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What’s the crack?

  • Formation, formation, formation;
  • How many players are the lads fitting on the pitch this week?
  • How positive are we ahead of Saturday’s game?
  • Should Geads have been called up to the Ireland squad?
  • Is this a good time to play Bristol Rovers?
  • The lads play shag/marry/avoid with Wyke, Jones and McGeady and (inadvertently) answer some listener questions...
  • Make sure you subscribe, leave a like, five star reviews... all that jazz.

Cheers for listening, everyone! HAWAY THE LADS!

How can I listen?

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