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#SoupKitchen21: Your ultimate guide to our 24 hour Sunderland Twitter Space!

On Friday night at 8pm we kick off our biggest challenge so far... broadcasting for 24 hours straight in aid of the Sunderland Community Soup Kitchen! Here’s what we’ve got planned.

PLEASE NOTE: This Schedule is subject to change. We are still hoping to add several more ex-players, managers, and friends of Sunderland AFC to our line-up!

There will be surprises, there may be technical hiccups along the way too.

We really hope that you can all join us at various points to listen in to some top SAFC craic.

To listen to the broadcast (and even request to speak) just go to @RokerReport and tap the purple icon at the top of the page any time between 8pm on Friday and 8pm on Saturday.

Here’s what we have planned for you... (all times are GMT)

Friday 10th December - 8-9pm: Kicking off with Julio and Crabbers!

What a way to get the marathon going! Two legends - one on the pitch, one off the pitch - chewing the fat and sharing stories of the glory days at the Stadium of Light!

9-10pm: Gordon Armstrong - the legend speaks!

Over a decade at the club he loves - the man is a Sunderland legend in every sense. With two promotions and an FA Cup Final under his belt, we’ll have loads to talk about - including that header!

10-11pm: The making of Sunderland ‘Til I Die!

The lads from global television production company Fulwell73 will be telling us all about the making of the Netflix hit series about the club we all love.

What was it like watching the club sink to its lowest ebb (up to then)?

Who were the unsung heroes? Who were the real villains? Listen in to find out.

11pm-Midnight: The Ultimate Sunderland Quiz!

Club history buff SAFCMerch plays quizmaster for the best pub quiz since the start of the pandemic. It’s all live and interactive.

Go to, enter the code we’ll give out on the Twitter Space, listen to the questions, and battle out with other fans to find out who knows the most about Sunderland AFC - and no Googling!!!

Saturday 11th December - Midnight-1am: SAFC Fan Media Extravaganza!

What happens when Sunderland’s favourite YouTube channels and podcasts get together after midnight on a Friday night for a debate? Nah, neither do we... but it’s going to be worth staying up for.

1-2am: On This Day: 11 December... LIVE!

This is actually a really important date in the history of our club - our night-owls and global listeners will find out all about it, with SAFCMerch back in the hotseat.

2-4am: The Great American Bash!

As fans in Europe get their beauty sleep, our supporters in the Americas will be entering prime social media time. Our friends at NASA will be hosting one of their legendary online socials - live from outer Twitter Space!

3am: The Great American Bash: Steve Caldwell!

During our chat with NASA, we’ll be joined by former Sunderland defender Steve Caldwell - who works these days on North American television, so is a familiar face to footy fans across the pond! What’s it like moving from Newcastle to Wearside? We’ll find out...

4-6am: Fans Around the World!

Our supporters in Australia and East Asia take centre stage talk about their fandom and what it means to follow the club from the other side of the planet. They may also talk about a cricket match and BBQs. And who knows who might drop in to say hi along the way?

6-7am: Ashes Breakfast with Henry Winter!

If there’s one thing that unites England and Australia it’s their love of cricket. If there’s one thing that divides England and Australia it’s their love of cricket. As the day’s play at the Test Match draws to a close, our cricket-loving Roker Reporters catch up with The Times’ chief football writer Henry Winter who will have been up all night following the action.

7-8am: Match day Breakfast!

Start your match day with a few laughs with some of our lovely podcasters, eating their avocado on toast pink slices, drinking their skinny lattes and looking forward to the game with Plymouth later in the day.

07:30am: Son of Pele, Martin Smith joins the show!

He’s one of our own, and he’s on the show!

Live and direct from his pit, ‘the son of Pele’ hops on during the breakfast show for a chat about his epic career, and Sunderland’s battle with Plymouth later in the day...

8-9am: Ha’way the Lasses - with SAFC Ladies boss Mel Reay!

The Lasses Podcast Live team will be speaking with the biggest names from Sunderland Ladies past and present, including legendary lasses boss Melanie Reay - it’s going to be emotional!

9-9.45am: From the Press Box - with Barnsey and wor Connor!

The prodigal son returns to Roker Report... and he’s talking in-depth with Sunderland commentator Nick Barnes about the season so far and the match later in the day.

9.45-10am: Matchday Mental Health!

We chat with the BLC about the wonderful support they give to those in need of help with their mental health at the Beacon of Light on matchdays.

10-10:30am: Lee Howey, Lee Howey, Lee Howey... You’re a Roker Park Legend

One of our favourite local lads made good, a super-sub, a centre-forward turned centre-half in the way only a 1990s footballer could be... He’s a Roker Park legend and he’s joining us for an hour to talk about his life and career in football.

10:30-11am: Oh Alex Rae, Alex Alex Alex Rae!

Speaking of legends... how about half an hour in the company of Alex Rae?

He’s in the conversation for hardest-ever Sunderland midfielder - and who can forget him bouncing the ball off Roy Keane’s head? We can’t wait for this one!

11-11.30am: From the Press Box - James Hunter!

He’s a man in the know about all things SAFC, covering Sunderland AFC for The Chronicle, and he’s not shy in speaking his mind. We’ll be getting James’ thoughts ahead of the big match on Saturday afternoon.

11.30-12pm: Jonathan Wilson!

One of the best in the business, Sunderland born-and-bred, football writer for the Guardian, podcaster with Football Weekly, editor of The Blizzard, author of some of the best football books of all time - it’s only Jonathan Wilson! We’ll be discussing his love of SAFC’s 1992 FA Cup run and his new book about ‘The Russian Pele” Eduard Streltsov.

12-1pm: Fan Focus LIVE

You’ve seen it on the website, now hear it live on your Twitter feed... we’ll be speaking with Erin Black of Plymouth Live and Argyle TV about Saturday’s opposition and the huge week they’ve had leading up to this fixture, and Jak Ball - an ex-journo now working to get people into work in Devon.

1-2pm: Pre-Match Show with SNN’s Tom White, and Athletico Mince’s Andy Dawson!

What better way to build-up to the game than to have a Sunderland supporter with his finger on the pulse of the game? Our good mate Tom White will help us get ready for the game - and not an autocue in sight!

2-3pm: Team News Reaction

We want your help digesting the news when the starting XIs drop at 2pm... we’ll talk tactics, formations, philosophies and permutations, and give our predictions ahead of the 3 o’clock kick-off.

3-5pm: SAFC v PAFC Watchalong

With one eye on the game, another on the twitter feed and our computers pretending they’re in good ‘ol Atlanta, Georgia - we’ll shout, scream and try not to swear as we talk over Frankie and Danny’s commentary on the live feed - and get some in-ground reaction at half-time too.

5-6pm: Pubcast LIVE!

Like our ordinary post-match pubcasts, but three times the length, no editorial, and relying on the 4G network in Monkwearmouth. Join the Roker Report team as we digest the performance with the help of an ale or two.

6-7pm: Marco Gabbiadini!

The man who many fans of a certain age grew up idolising. The scorer of iconic goals. The slayer of Magpies. The pride of York. We’ve wanted to speak to him for so long, and we’re stupidly excited about this one. What a way to round off the day. Olé, Olé, Olé indeed...

7-8pm: The Final Countdown

The 24th hour will be one of celebration, no matter what the scoreline is on Saturday afternoon. The Sunderland football community has come together to support the most vulnerable people in our city once more.

We will sing. We may dance. We will be quite merry at this stage. And the people who come to the Sunderland Community Soup Kitchen for help in their hour of need will benefit from your kindness in the year ahead.


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