Short Memories

We’re just on the back of a 1-1 draw with Oxford, a game we should’ve won, but we didn’t. I’m not too downbeat. For the majority of the game we were the better team and as a result of some slack finishing and one piece of slack defending (by a player who by the way is covering a position that he’s not too familiar with due to the horrendous injury list we have), we couldn’t quite get over the line. All I’d heard before the game was how great Oxford are and how with our injury list we’d be lucky to get anything from the game. Let’s face it, they got lucky.

We should’ve drawn (or been beaten) by Ipswich, but sneaked a win, so I’m very much in the, ‘these things even themselves out’ category. Those last 3 games bore 7 put of 9 points. Let’s hope the point today is the start of a similar return.

What I can’t understand though is the negativity this draw has brought. Booing after the game, which is mind boggling, the abuse that Johnson must’ve had to flick the bird at someone (well done Lee) and then on the way home, the laughable ‘supporters’ ringing in to Benno and asking for a change of manager, to which Benno always asks them, "but who are we going to get in to replace Johnson." I made a mental note as at one point (17:28 on the clock), "I think we should go for Frank Lampard". Ah, just sod off will ya, you prat. What sort of Fantasy Football, Footy Manager world do these idiots live in. Am I missing something here? Is the injury list that we have, NOT happening? Before the season started, did I not hear about the change of approach with younger players coming into the squad and building for the future with a long term plan in mind, when we were doing really well and some supporters were chanting Johnson’s name (probably the same over excitable ones that are now wanting him sacked), did I not hear him say about how he wouldn’t get too carried away just as he wouldn’t if and when we hit the bumpers …..I think he calls it flattening the curve, either upward or downward. Are there any others out there with a sense of reality or should I just pack my bags, give my season ticket away and delete all social media?

After chop and change and fail for years, with us 2 points from top, there are those amongst us with all of the above in mind, that want to rinse and repeat again. As I say, is it me? Please, someone tell me I’m not wrong and the lunatics haven’t taken over the asylum……

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