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Roker Rapport Podcast: NTT20’s George Elek previews Sunderland v Oxford with us!

Rich was joined by NTT20 Pod original, EFL pundit and Oxford United fan - George Elek - to look ahead to Saturday’s meeting between SAFC and the OUFC at the Stadium of Light, and to look across the division so far this season!

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What’s the crack?

  • How is George doing these days? (Between slipping in and out of the Sky and Quest studios of course)
  • How are Oxford looking; Has Karl Robinson weathered another short storm, and how is their ownership situation? Sounds a little complicated at the moment but is George confident everything will turn out... just fine?
  • George gives his thoughts on the Sunderland dip in form after our initial strong start, and how we looked in his opinion in our wins over Ipswich and Cambridge;
  • Who’s looking strong for Oxford at the moment, and how confident is George of a result against us?
  • The Independent Fan-Led Review of Football Governance - What are George’s thoughts on the issues that were raised, the findings and recommendations and how some owners higher up the Pyramid have reacted to the whole thing?
  • Lee Johnson; Is he performing as expected, and are the other sides in League One this year - and their respective managers looking for promotion - underperforming? Or is it too early/unfair to say given the level of the league this season?
  • All this and much more!

Listen in and while you’re here - please consider donating to or simply sharing our annual Christmas Fundraiser for the Sunderland Community Soup Kitchen - who work tirelessly to help the most vulnerable in our community - by clicking here for our GoFundMe and here for more information on the campaign! Thank you!

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