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Roker Rapport Podcast: RR 24 Hour Rewind - with Sunderland and Everton Legend - Peter Reid!

Well we skip ahead a bit here lads and lasses (this’ll happen from time to time) but there’s no better reason to as Gav - the rest of the RR lads - Chronicle Journalist James Hunter (and a certain Matty Piper) were joined by the one and only Peter Reid! Discussing his career, his time as Sunderland manager, and his thoughts on the current situation at SAFC! Aye. It was all a bit surreal to us too...

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[Excerpt from live broadcast on Twitter Spaces - Saturday, 11th December 2021]

What’s the crack?

  • Now we’ve got that down; how is Reidy doing at the moment?
  • Peter shares his thoughts regarding his time at the club;
  • How did he build those sides, and how important was the role of people like Sacko in what he was trying to do?
  • What are his favourite memories of the club, and the fans; how much does the continuing adulation mean to him?
  • So how exactly do you go about getting a side promoted - and how difficult is it to keep them up competing?
  • Most recently having worked with Paul Cook at Ipswich and Wigan - how does he feel about the strengths of sides in this league - is it an easy division to escape from?
  • Reidy sends his best wishes to former Sunderland forward Charlie Wyke following the shocking news of his recent heart attack.
  • The legendary Sunlun gaffer answers some listener questions and takes a lot of compliments... Aaaand Pipes is here!
  • What are Reidy’s thoughts about his time here overall, were there things he would’ve changed using the glorious benefit of hindsight, and does he miss it all?
  • Welcome to RR Live-Ish!

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Reidy said so...


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