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Roker Report’s Brainbusters: Are you a Sunderland expert?

Take a break from all the Christmas preparations and see how you get on with this week’s SAFC teasers…

Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

Round 1: The Opponents – Arsenal

We start the quiz with five questions on Sunderland’s previous Gunners links, with the Lads due to visit the capital on Tuesday for a Carabao Cup quarter-final. You get a point for each correct answer.

1. In what year did the two clubs last meet in the League Cup?

2. Not including Tuesday’s game, how many times have the two clubs met in the competition?

3. Which Arsenal defender did Peter Reid bring to Sunderland in July 1999?

4. What was the final score in January 1997 when the two sides met at Roker Park in the Premiership?

5. Which former Gunner scored against Arsenal for Sunderland when the sides drew 1-1 at the Stadium of Light in October 2001?

Premiership Soccer - Sunderland v Arsenal
Round 1, question 4; how did this game finish?
Photo by David Hewitson/EMPICS via Getty Images

Round 2: Top 10 – Raich Carter

10 questions now about Raich Carter, with Tuesday marking the 108th anniversary of his birth. There is a point for each correct answer about the Sunderland legend.

1. In which part of Sunderland did Carter grow up?

2. Which club did he join when he left Sunderland in 1945?

3. In which year did Carter make his England debut?

4. Who did his first international goal come against?

5. Which Yorkshire club did Carter make his Sunderland debut against in 1932?

6. His first goal for the club came in a high scoring game with Bolton Wanderers; what was the final score?

7. How many goals did Carter score for the Lads during the 1935-36 Football League title winning campaign?

8. Where was Carter’s first managerial role?

9. For which county did Carter have a brief spelling playing first class cricket?

10. What was Carter’s middle name?

Raich Carter Sunderland Football Cigarette Card 1935
A Sunderland icon...

Round 3: 3-4-3

The final round sees things get mixed up a bit, with the first three questions worth one point each, the next four worth two points each and the final worth three points each (20 points in total).

1. Who are Sunderland due to play in their final game of 2021?

2. Dan Neil recently made a donation to the Sunderland Community Soup Kitchen as a forfeit for losing to a member of staff at the Academy of Light in a game of which sport?

3. Prior to his sacking, Paul Cook had brought which former Sunderland manager in as a consultant at Ipswich Town?

4. Which Ipswich defender later became player manager at Sunderland in 1993?

5. Sunderland played Northampton Town in their final league game of 2020-21; what was the final score in the match?

6. Sunderland’s U23s lost last week in the Durham Challenge Cup to which County Durham side?

7. The club Sunderland lost to play at a ground named after which former Sunderland chairman?

8. Although it was later declared void, who did Sunderland play against the day before war was declared on Germany in 1939?

9. Sunderland lost the game, but what was the final score?

10. Who were Sunderland’s first opponents when the Football League resumed in 1946?

Focus On Non-League Football During The Coronavirus Pandemic
Round 3, question 7; can you name this ground?
Photo by Colin McPherson/Getty Images


Round 1: The Opponents – Arsenal

1. 2005

2. Three

3. Steve Bould

4. 1-0

5. Stefan Schwarz

Round 2: Top Ten – Raich Carter

1. Hendon

2. Derby County

3. 1934

4. Republic of Ireland

5. Sheffield Wednesday

6. 7-4

7. 31

8. Hull City

9. Derbyshire

10. Stratton

Round 3: 3-4-3

1. Sheffield Wednesday

2. Table tennis

3. Peter Reid

4. Terry Butcher

5. 1-1

6. Crook Town

7. Sir Tom Cowie

8. Arsenal

9. 5-2

10. Derby County


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