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Roker Rapport Podcast: A Weekend to Remember - The Sunderland 2-1 Plymouth Review w/ Nick Barnes!

Our Gav was joined after a restful and well deserved kip by our Martin, and our friend and renowned man of tweed - the BBC's Nick Barnes - to look back at what has been a pretty decent weekend for the Sunlun family!

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What’s the crack?

  • Well we had an interesting 24 Hours on our Twitter Spaces Marathon for the SCSK Christmas Fundraiser... So did the lads get any sleep?
  • What a win that was, and what a great attacking performance in the first half in particular - is that the best half of football we’ve seen from the Lads this season so far?
  • Lee Johnson; We’ve had the dip... and now 6 games undefeated with some decent results back under the belt in spite of a depleted squad at his disposal - he deserves a bit credit aye?
  • Broadhead - Again we ask just how good this lad is already and how could he may be for us should we get him on a permanent deal...
  • Pritchard - He’s hitting form now, how highly are the lads rating his performances recently? Is he and others filling that role left by the injured McGeady?
  • Dan Neil - Another goal for the fan favourite youngster - he’s just mint isn’t he...
  • Dajaku absolutely tortured the Plymouth defenders Saturday - just sexy football from the young lad;
  • Hoffmann - only a young lad still of course, but should be be commanding his area a bit more?
  • Arsenal - So how many do we expect to beat them by... but in all seriousness we should just give it a go shouldn’t we? It looks likely we’ll be playing the same side as it is so is anyone daring enough to be (publicly) confident of an upset?
  • How class was the atmosphere in the stadium this week? How big a difference is it from just last week... and can we keep this momentum - on and off the pitch - going?
  • How does everyone feel about heading into the festive period the way we are?
  • All this and much more!

Listen in and while you’re here - please consider donating to or simply sharing our annual Christmas Fundraiser for the Sunderland Community Soup Kitchen - who work tirelessly to help the most vulnerable in our community - by clicking here for our GoFundMe and here for more information (or anywhere on the site for that matter) on the campaign!

We just passed £45,000 raised! Thank you all again and let’s keep this going!


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