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Sunderland v Birmingham City, Soccer.

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On This Day, Sunderland-style - and it’s liiiiiiiiiiiiive!

Part of Roker Report’s 24-hour Twitter Space marathon will see us discussing previous games played on the 11th of December, and everybody is welcome to get involved!

Photo by Steve Morton/EMPICS via Getty Images

Stories, memories and shared experiences are what help bring a fanbase together.

What makes it more than that is looking out for one another and that is what we are seeing with this year’s soup kitchen appeal. Sunderland supporters have put their hands in their pockets big time and with last year’s total of donations already eclipsed the amazing work being carried by the staff and volunteers at the Sunderland Community Soup Kitchen is set for a huge boost.

As part of the drive, Roker Report have put together a 24 hour Twitter Spaces marathon that kicks off on Friday night at 8pm.

Several star guests and events have been lined up, including a Live version of ‘On This Day’ in which we’ll talk about some of the Sunderland games played on the 11th of December in years gone by.

The regular version of this feature has long been one of my favourite sections of content on the website, and I’ve loved contributing to it myself over the last few months so the audio edition should be a good way to reminisce and touch on Sunderland’s proud history.

Soccer - Barclays League Division One - Sunderland v Newcastle United - Roker Park Photo by Paul Marriott/EMPICS via Getty Images

All you need to listen in is a Twitter account, and if you have anything you’d like to share you are more than welcome to join in. Perhaps you recall the time Slavia Prague played at Roker Park in 1968, or you took your child to their first game three years ago when Sunderland hosted Walsall in the FA Cup; matches that were both played on the 11th of December?

If you don’t fancy speaking just reply in the comments section instead beforehand and we’ll read out your stories for you.

The feature will be on air from 1am. so hopefully there will be plenty of exiles living abroad as well as locals taking the chance to talk SAFC.

A lot of work goes into researching some of the OTD articles the team publishes so if you have enjoyed them like me and can see your way to sending a few shekels or dollars towards the Soup Kitchen, then even more good can come of it and this community of ours will become even stronger.


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With a huge game to come against Southampton, let’s give the Lasses maximum support!

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