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Roker Rapport Podcast: Editorial - The state of play at Sunderland & reaction to Johnson Out!

Our Gav was joined by Martin and Craig to discuss the downturn in performances from the Lads these past few weeks, and the surge in calls for Lee Johnson to be replaced we’ve all seen recently.

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What’s the crack?

  • Craig had the misfortune of being present for an apparently shite performance in the FA Cup - was it as bad in hindsight as he thought it was at the time?
  • How does Lee Johnson begin to diagnose form dropping this suddenly when he had the exact same squad pulling out brilliant performances mere weeks before? Is this a case of ‘streaky Lee’ or just... football?
  • Johnson Out - Are we really going there now? Is everything the manager has achieved the past few months suddenly irrelevant because we’ve lost a few games?
  • Social Media vs Real Life; It looks like the aftermath of a 12 game losing streak online right now - but away from Twitter and Facebook - are people far less in favour of making dramatic changes to solve a seemingly short-term problem?
  • It appears Lee Johnson and Kristjaan Speakman will be looking to make changes in January, as some players who were given the chance don’t seem to be cutting it and we’re lacking physicality - Do we think the targets have already been identified?

All this and much more! Listen In!

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