Will the Negativity Help?

This is the morning after the night before. A 3-0 thumping at Sheffield has exacerbated the recent negativity surrounding SAFC once again and I’ve got to say that although recent performances have been far from ideal, I believe the toxicity created by some ‘supporters’ is completely and utterly over the top.

Following on from your ‘Embarrassing on and off the pitch’ podcast, I attended the Sheffield match with a little trepidation. I’ve followed Sunderland for 44 years, since I was 8 years old and although I have a season card, I don’t go to many away games now and the thought of being in amongst pissed up, coked up ‘wanna be/has been’ hooligans gave me more than a slight face/palm self reflection moment.

Due to ticket confusion at Sheffield, my tickets were not at the away end and after queueing for bloody ages at their ticket office, got them sorted. Unfortunately the game was 10 minutes in by the time we walked through the turnstiles only to hear the cheers from the home fans. Fook!

We got to our seats in the lower concourse and straight away a feeling of dread hit me as a group of 20 to 60 year olds just behind us were already in full flow….Hoffman, O’Nien, Doyle, Flanagan, O’Brien, Johnson were all f’ing shit, c u next Tuesdays, were told to ‘get out of our fucking club’, told to fuck off etc. You get the picture. What an absolute bunch of moronic individuals and if this is what it means to support (ha) your football club, then I think I’ll leave it thanks (at least the away matches anyway).

Was this not going to be the season where our League One journey was going to change in terms of supporting young talent, being patient, having the players backs when the going wasn’t smooth?

Personally, for the most part this season I’ve enjoyed watching our style of play and I believe how we started the season had most of us believing that the change of approach to giving young emerging players, sprinkled with some experience, was the correct approach for the Club. Now we’ve had 3 defeats on the spin and yes I do understand the misery of not only seeing us beaten, but generally getting well and truly humped, but to lose the plot completely with players and the manager alike beggars belief.

Any chance we can get some balance as supporters? Any chance we can show some, you know, support? You can see that the talent is there but that for whatever reason beyond my extremely amateurish football playing/coaching/managing experience it’s just not gelling at the minute (and anyone who thinks it’s easy is obviously a Footy Manager 2005 wannabe).

I’ve still got faith that we’ll turn this around and we’ll have a half decent end to 2021. I believe that we’ll improve the squad in the transfer window, particularly in the areas we can all see need it……some more bite, strength and height? I’ll leave it to the experts. Call me a happy clapper if you like (I think I’m probably 75/25), but where is the vitriol and constant negativity going to get us? Stick or carrot? What works best in the life term?

Here’s to a successful season and see you at the SOL. Away games from now on will be streamed until I hear that the arsehole brigade have done one.

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