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England Women Training Session

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Roker Report’s Brainbusters: We’ve got more Sunderland quiz questions for you to try!

Time to get your thinking caps on, everybody…

Photo by Stu Forster/Getty Images

Round 1: The Opponents – Oldham Athletic

One point per question is up for grabs in our first round – all about our history with our opponents this coming Wednesday.

1. Which former Oldham Athletic defender joined Sunderland in 1997 after a spell in playing in France?

2. The last time the two sides met in the league was at Roker Park in March 1996 with Sunderland winning 1-0; who scored the only goal of the game?

3. Playing against Sunderland that day was a man that had been on loan at the club the previous season – who was it?

4. What was the score when the two sides played against each other on Wearside in January 1980?

5. How many goals did Alan Brown score in the match?

Soccer - FA Carling Premiership - Sunderland v Tottenham Hotspur
Here’s a clue for those struggling with round 1, question 1...
Photo by Steve Mitchell/EMPICS via Getty Images

Round 2: Top 10 – record losses

Last week we looked at some of Sunderland’s biggest ever wins so now we turn to some score lines we’d rather forget, with a point for each correct answer.

1. Which former Sunderland goalkeeper was an unused substitute on the day his side Southampton beat the Lads 8-0 in October 2014?

2. The final goal of the game was an own goal by which Sunderland player?

3. Sunderland’s heaviest League Cup defeat came in October 1990, when they lost 6-0 to which side?

4. As well as future Sunderland forward Mick Harford, which former Sunderland player was also in the team that beat the Lads that evening?

5. Which Sunderland born former SAFC player appeared for Watford on the day they beat the Lads 8-0 in September 1982?

6. How many times did Geoff Hurst score against Sunderland when West Ham United beat them 8-0 in October 1968?

7. Which other World Cup winner scored for West Ham that day?

8. Who scored Sunderland’s consolation when they lost 7-1 to Everton in November 2007?

9. Which side were the first to inflict a 8-0 league defeat over Sunderland, doing so in December 1911?

10. Which side knocked Sunderland out of the FA Cup in the 1933-34 season after beating them 7-2?

Sunderland Training Session
Time for another clue - this fella is the answer to round 2, question 8...
Photo by Jamie McDonald/Getty Images

Round 3: 3-4-3

There are 20 points on offer during the final round, with the first three questions worth one point each, the next four earning you two points per question and the final three offering three points per question.

1. Who scored for Sunderland during their 1-1 draw with Shrewsbury Town last week?

2. Which country did the England women’s team play against at the Stadium of Light yesterday?

3. The sponsors logo seen on Ipswich Town’s kit when they played Sunderland eight days ago advertises a tour that includes two dates at the stadium. Which singer-songwriter will be performing at the gigs?

4. Sadly, Frank Burrows passed away during the week. In which year was he appointed assistant manager at Sunderland?

5. Which team did Sunderland buy John Oster from?

6. Who replaced Roy Keane as Sunderland manager following his departure in 2008?

7. The new manager brought in which West Ham United defender on loan during his period in charge?

8. Including games won after extra time or on penalties, how many matches did Sunderland win during the 1998-99 season?

9. Craig Gardner turned 35 on Thursday; who did his first Sunderland goal come against?

10. The strike came in September 2011, but what was the final score in the match?

Sunderland vs Ipswich Town Sky Bet League 1
Here’s your final clue, this time for round 3, question 3; do you know who’s tour this Ipswich kit logo is promoting?
Photo by Michael Driver/MI News/NurPhoto via Getty Images


Round 1: The Opponents – Oldham Athletic

1. Chris Makin

2. Martin Scott

3. Ian Snodin

4. 4-2

5. Three

Round 2: Top Ten – record loses

1. Kelvin Davis

2. Patrick van Aanholt

3. Derby County

4. Nick Pickering

5. Wilf Rostron

6. Six

7. Bobby Moore

8. Dwight Yorke

9. Sheffield Wednesday

10. Aston Villa

Round 3: 3-4-3

1. Alex Pritchard

2. Austria

3. Ed Sheeran

4. 1984

5. Everton

6. Ricky Sbragia

7. Callum Davenport

8. 39

9. Stoke City

10. 4-0


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