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Roker Rapport Podcast: The Cambridge United v Sunderland Preview w/ the BBC’s Doug Shulman!

Chris was joined this week by massive U’s fan - the BBC’s Doug Shulman - to preview our upcoming League fixture with Cambridge United, and to look at a few things that have happened since the last league meeting nearly 30 years ago...

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What’s the crack?

  • John Beck was a right laugh wasn’t he; was he a footballing revolutionary too?
  • Falling out of the Football League and returning again after 9 long years; How did it feel getting back into the 92?
  • How are Cambridge fans feeling since their return to this tier for the first time in 2 decades to find this many “big sides” in the division?
  • How stable is the club currently, and what are fan expectations of this season and beyond?
  • The two styles and sides of Mark Bonner - How good was last seasons run to promotion from League Two under the fan favourite, and how has he adapted to this league so far?
  • Wes Hoolahan will be playing Saturday... As he only plays Saturday - so how’s he doing these days?
  • How confident is Doug of a result against Sunderland after Cambridge fell victim to a Wigan fightback to suffer a draw on Tuesday; did they deserve the win?

All this and much more! Listen in!

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