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Liverpool Women v Blackburn Ladies - FA Women’s Continental Tyres League Cup

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Lasses Fan Focus: Liverpool fan Jo gives her take on showdown with Sunderland Ladies!

We get the lowdown on Saturday’s opposition from Liverpool Women Supporters Group, as Sunderland gear-up for the most difficult game of the season so far!

Photo by Andrew Powell/Liverpool FC via Getty Images

Roker Report: How long have you been following Liverpool women and what do you enjoy most about following the side?

Jo: I first followed the women’s team between 1997-2002 during which time I also played for LFC Girls for a couple of seasons. Due to other commitments, and not really seeing that women’s football could be a professional career at the time, I lost touch with football and only started to find the passion for it again in 2015, and started going to watch the women again in 2016.

Although I do sometimes regret not sticking with it, I’m glad that I’ve gone full 360 and managed to find a way back to the game that I love, and it fills me with joy now to see so many women and girls of all ages enjoying the game too - both watching and playing! What I love most about Liverpool is their determination to always give 110% effort and stick together as a team - win, lose or draw.

And we also have the best fans who are one big LFC family!

RR: Were you happy to see Matt Beard return this summer?

Jo: I’m thrilled to have Matt back given his history with the Club and his impact on the team has been brilliant. It was a long wait for Liverpool to announce the new signing but I know they wanted to get it right to push the women’s team to be the best it could be. So far I haven’t been disappointed.

Liverpool Women v Blackburn Rovers Ladies - FA Women’s Continental Tyres League Cup Photo by Lewis Storey/Getty Images

RR: Liverpool have managed to get to the top of the league with impressive the win over Durham on Sunday. Do you think that this is your year to get back to the WSL?

Jo: I’d like to hope so, but it’s still early days yet with plenty of games that could go either way. I wouldn’t want to jinx it, but of course I want Liverpool to be back in the top league.

RR: Liverpool are fully professional and with internationals across the lineup. Who have been your top performers this season and what’s made them so good to watch?

Jo: I’ve really enjoyed watching our new signing Leanne Kiernan so far, especially with her getting goals on the table for us - something that we struggled with last season. I’m also really pleased to see Rachel Furness getting back on the pitch, both with us and Ireland, after breaking her leg earlier in the year. But overall, I love seeing our whole team performing well together every game.

Liverpool Women v Blackburn Ladies - FA Women’s Continental Tyres League Cup Photo by Andrew Powell/Liverpool FC via Getty Images

RR: Many Sunderland fans would have been at Maiden Castle on Sunday and heard some fantastic chants coming from the travelling reds. Who is it who makes up those little ditties?

Jo: Credit goes to a guy called Steve who writes a lot of the songs. He’s been going to games for years with his dad and a small group of fans and it’s great to see lots of our younger fans learning the words to join in too.

RR: Will you be coming up for Saturday evening’s fixture, and can you have give us a score prediction?

Jo: I’m definitely hoping to make the game on Saturday if all goes to plan. It will be a 3 hour journey meaning I won’t get back home until after midnight, but I want to support the women at as many games as possible. I’d like to hope we’ll get a goal for every hour travelling, so 3-0 to the Reds!

Liverpool Women v Blackburn Ladies - FA Women’s Continental Tyres League Cup Photo by Andrew Powell/Liverpool FC via Getty Images


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