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Roker Rapport Podcast: Outside the Sunderland bubble with Sky Sports EFL Editor - Simeon Gholam!

Ahead of our return to League One action against Ipswich this weekend, we got the chance to go over not just our season so far but also our season looking ahead - as well as those of the sides around us - from a somewhat neutral perspective as our Chris Wynn was joined by Sky Sports EFL Editor - Simeon Gholam!

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What’s the crack?

  • Simeon covers all things EFL for Sky and in doing so conducts a great many interviews with managers and players throughout the divisions - including our own Lee Johnson and Elliot Embleton this season - so how much does he enjoy his role... and what stood out for him about both lads during those interviews?
  • League One has never been an easy league to break free from - but just how strong has it got in recent years regarding the size of fellow clubs down here with us?
  • Was the move to clear out the squad ahead of the summer recruitment process brave in his opinion, or does it look like it was the right thing to do to move the club forward?
  • Lee Johnson; What does Simeon think of our manager and his performance this season - have the recent calls for his head come as a shock or is it something he’s seen recently at many clubs following a few bad results?
  • A focus on youth was always going to be risky but how are we looking to be coping with this strategy - have we struck the balance between youth and experience or do we need a few more players in January to provide the greater squad depth you need in our position?
  • As a neutral outside the bubble of each sides fanbase - how differently does he view the Sunderland manager turnover of recent years for example, and does he have confidence we now have the right man in place, or does he think questions should be asked following games like Rotherham?
  • Just how many managers and sides forms have dipped after talking to Simeon following a great run of results - is he a causal factor here? Chris investigates...
  • Looking at Ipswich - how important does he think this game is for both sides and how many players did they actually sign this summer?
  • Simeon’s thoughts overall on the challenges of this league as well as the state of play across the EFL regarding ownership, the financial disparity between sides (and the tiers themselves) and his hopes for Sunlun for the rest of the season!
  • Oh and what did he make of that festive fixture reshuffle?

All this and much more!

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