One for sorrow

Two for joy

Three for a girl

And woe betide her if she wants to drive, go out on her own, uncover her head, have a proper education, have a same sex relationship, be independent etc etc

A bit flippant? Well - no suspected instigators if state sponsored murder in our share holders.

We are so, so lucky to be Sunderland rather than Newcastle. We have a proper footballing platform for the future and no moral skeletons on public view.

We are in league one but I feel more connected to the club than I ever did in the PL because the focus is on an honest sustainable future based on footballing talent and led by a young man who simply loves football.

Oh and those bar code team members having a pop - do they really think they will still be there next season? None of their current team of PL journeymen have the footballing quality required for their inflated ambitions. Dumb and Dummet?

Haway the lads - roll on the league one season - I'm loving it.


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