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Roker Rapport Podcast: Quick reaction to Lincoln 1-2 Sunderland in the Papa Johns Trophy!

Our Brett was joined by Malc late yesterday evening following the final whistle at the LNER stadium to go over a (youthful) Sunderland victory in the EFL Trophy group stages!

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What’s the crack?

  • A very young side played last night with a lot of changes made by Lee Johnson; How did they do overall?
  • Dan Neil - What a hit that was lad.
  • Stephen Wearne gets a goal on his senior debut!
  • O’Nien came on for a few minutes before heading back off again as a precaution following a knock - He’s really taking a battering at the moment isn’t he?
  • Is that a good example of why Johnson, Speakman and the rest of the team thought it was time to part ways with our old friend - and former King of Sunlun sh*thousery - Chris Maguire?
  • Aye. Good to put that other result against Pompey/Peterborough (or whatever they’re called) behind us.
  • All this and more. Tune in!

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