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ITHICS Column 20/21

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ITHICS Fanzine: This is our year, maaaate!

“I looked at Saturday’s result and thought this could be our year”, writes Mark Egan of ITHICS Fanzine. Are you feeling as hopeful about Sunderland as he is?

Danny Roberts

You’ve got to love a dirty win.

Backs to the wall, being peppered with shots, living on your luck – yet still getting the three points. Better still if we can come from behind.

Best of all if we cling on with ten men.

The other team’s fans’ celebration of the sending off gradually turning sour as the clock ticks down.

I met some of our travelling army on their way home from Gillingham in a back street boozer near King’s Cross.

How did we play? Rubbish, but we won.

In my mind, I was there, on that temporary stand (hang on, temporary stand? I was there nearly 20 years ago and remember clambering up the scaffolding and the way the structure sways when everyone stands up).

Gillingham v Sunderland - Sky Bet League One Photo by Ian Horrocks/Sunderland AFC via Getty Images

The home fans getting increasingly exasperated, our fans full of worry, hope and delight in equal measure.

You’ve got to love a dirty win.

I’m getting optimistic about this team (sorry, I’ve said it, I know this won’t end well).

I wish we could keep clean sheets more. I wish we had a bit more firepower up front.

But I’m loving the tenacity, the steel, the way we play to get the result.

Elliot Embleton, of all people, being sent off for a tackle.

Luke O’Nien, personifying desire to get out of League One.

It’s a million miles from the 1-1 years, there’s real desire to win.

I looked at Saturday’s result and thought this could be our year.


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